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'FOREIGN OFFICE SIDE' JOB MR. R. V. HEMBLYS-St AI.ES and his wife, who arrived on Tuesday aboard the Carthage to take...

People: Robert Victor Hemblys-Scales

MI5 B Branch (1938-1953) - Powerbase

MI5 B Branch was a key investigative branch of MI5 from the 1920s to the 1940s.

People: Robert Victor Hemblys-Scales


October 21, 1948

Family get together prior to announcement of Tania's engagement to Robert Victor Hemblys Scales

People: Tania Virginia Hemblys-Scales, Elizabeth Francisca Carmen Teppema, Petrus Ephrem Teppema and 1 other.


Short lived Engagement between Tania Teppema and James Montgomery Gilchrist junior 1947. Unknown why or how it was...

People: Tania Virginia Hemblys-Scales and James Montgomery Gilchrist, jr.


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People: Robert Victor Hemblys-Scales

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