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People: Carrie M. Hermann

Burial Record

October 14, 1885

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Occupation: Hausierer Died In: 1090, Alserstr. 4 Tomb: No Urn: No Section: T1 Group: 8 Row: 33 Grave: 66

People: Josefa Ehrlichhof (Hermann) and Marcus Ehrlichhof


Josef birth registry Vienna

People: Lotti Heller, Marcus Ehrlichhof, Josefa Ehrlichhof (Hermann) and 4 others.


Vienna Birth Registy

People: Marcus Ehrlichhof, Lotti Heller, Josef Heller and 4 others.

Josef Heller Birth Registry.jpg

Mentions of family members.

People: Josef Heller, Lotti Heller, Josefa Ehrlichhof (Hermann) and 4 others.


December 24, 1820

Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

People: Michiel van Breda, b1c8d2, Maria Sophia Frederica van Breda, b8, Arend Josias van Breda, b1c8 and 3 others.

Castello plan with notes

I.N. Phelps Stokes review of map of Lower Manhattan with property owners mentioned

People: Abel Hardenbroeck, Resolved Waldron, Johannes Nevius and 47 others.

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