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Flowers genealogy


People: Elizabeth Ann Flowers, Amos Scott Flowers, Thomas Kitchin Flowers and 2 others.

1930 Census for Abraham L Nye

April 11, 1930

Crawford, Kansas, United States

People: Robert Glen Nye, Abraham Lincoln Nye and Hattie Bell Nye

1910 Census for Abraham L Nye

April 23, 1910

Brookfield, Linn, Missouri, United States

People: Abraham Lincoln Nye, Hattie Emma Murphy, Charles Abraham Nye and 3 others.

1920 Census for Abraham L Nye

February 21, 1920

Sherman, Kansas, United States

People: Abraham Lincoln Nye, Hattie Bell Nye, Charles Abraham Nye and 2 others.

Nye Family Genealogy Vol. II


Compiled by R. Glen Nye Collected by L. Bert Nye Edited by Katherine Nye

People: Twyla Marie Herman, Dale Richard Nye, Nellie Johnson and 1263 others.

Bastrop Co Birth Index

People: Hibbs, Hibbs, Hibbs and 23 others.



Hardin, KY, USA

People: Katie J Peck, John W Peck, Mattie Anjula Hibbs and 2 others.


January 27, 1920

Hardin, KY, USA

People: Mattie Anjula Hibbs


April 7, 1930

Hardin, KY, USA

People: Carl Atwood Hibbs, Sr., Carl A Hibbs, Jr., Mattie Anjula Hibbs and 1 other.

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