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Tina's Greenberg Family Tree-3


Buffalo, NY, USA

Third Page of Tina's Greenburg Tree-Siblings: This was the first draft that I typed out (yes, on a typewriter!)......

People: Julius Martin Vitas, Aleksander Lember, Emily Luik and 40 others.

E. TALI Archivial Research 4 OF 21


note: The top of this document and the bottom of the last (3), talks about Ann's descendents. As of 10/2010 I do not...

People: Toomas Priimann, Madi Gränberg, Ann Peterson, Lukas and 23 others.

Juhan Granburg desendants


Buffalo, NY, USA

This was transcribed by Riina, Page 2, of the gathering of family history.

People: Julius Martin Vitas, Juhan Gränberg, Salme Tuular and 33 others.

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