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Aaron Hine (1777 - 1852) - Find A Grave Memorial

June 7, 1852

Tallmadge, Summit County, Ohio, United States

Disciple Cemetery, Atwater, Randolph Township, Portage County, Ohio 44201

People: Aaron Hine

Aaron Hine (1777 - 1852) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Aaron Hine

Bethiah Hitchcock Hine (1784 - 1841) - Find A Grave Memorial

June 21, 1841

Atwater, Portage County, Ohio, 44201, United States

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People: Bethiah Hine



Thornton, Cook County, Illinois, United States

Name: Anton Balda [Anton Bolda] Age: 45 Birth Date: Feb 1855 Birthplace: Germany Home in 1900: Thornton, Coo...

People: Maryanna Polus, John Bronislaw Bolda, Marianna "Mary" Anna Bolda and 5 others.

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