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Further Clues to Richard Woodhull’s Ancestry .pdf

===References * Hoff, Henry B., Further Clues to Richard Woodhull's Ancestery, The American Genealogist (The American...

People: Jemima Larison, Daniel Halsey, Richard Woodhull and 19 others.


People: Private User, Permetta Luvania Lewellen, Cornelia J. Ligon and 63 others.

Archivist unearths document listing last Sussex slave owners

The assessment record was probably made as the slaves were being freed to track the loss of tax revenue. Archivist u...

People: James Hitch

Slave owner William Hitch's slaves listed w/ no names

Sussex County, Delaware, United States

As William Hitch was born on a farm near Laurel DE, we may expect that this is where James and family were held.

People: James Hitch

Hitch and Walters 1880.png

The Hitch family may NOT have worked for the Walters / Golder family as there were several large farms close together...

People: Nathan Walters of Tredyffrin, James Hitch, Adam Anderson Golder and 3 others.

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