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Vera Bracken fonds - Alberta On Record

The fonds consists of: fictionalized narratives entitled "Cinders in Your Hair? A Description of Railroaders" (1965)...

People: Vera Miriam Bracken

SSHY - Kitee , Syntyneet, 1880-1884 - Kuva 39

People: Tiina Juhontytär Ignatius

SSHY - Kitee , Syntyneet, 1821-1843 - Kuva 388

People: Juho Samulinpoika Ignatius


November 11, 1917

New York, NY, United States

Kaarlo Y.B. Ignatius was Finland's first representative in the United States in 1917-1918. He officially informed the...

People: Kaarlo Y.B. Ignatius

Bengt Jakob Ignatius (1761--€“1827) - pietistipappi kirkkoherrana, kirjailijana ja virsirunoilijana

September 2010

Published by Arno Forsius (September 2010) at

People: Bengt Jakob Ignatius

Ignatiuksenkatu 22, PORI, Finland

July 27, 2010

Pori, Western Finland, Finland

Ignatiuksenkatu (Ignatius Street) in Pori, Finland, was named to honour the mayor of the city, Gustaf Henrik Ignatius...

People: Gustaf Henrik Ignatius

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