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The Unique Oral History of a Jewish Family After the Russian Revolution with Historical Context by Jake Moroshek

May 1, 2011

Durham, NC, USA

Thesis for Duke University containing a history of Jewish people before and after the Russian Revolution as well as i...

People: Golub, Moisey (Moishe) Golub, Moroshek and 13 others.

Leah Zuckerman 117.jpg

February 1999


Yad vashem testimony by Aron Zuckerman

People: Leah Kagan Zuckerman, Eizer Zuckerman, Aharon Zuckerman and 1 other.

Chasia Zuckerman 115.jpg

February 1999


Aharon Zuckerman testifying about the details of Chasia Zuckerman in a yad vashem testimony page

People: Aharon Zuckerman, Leah Kagan Zuckerman, Alter Zuckerman and 1 other.

Altman Reizel wife of Avram PIszczac.pdf


Treblinka, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

Yad Vashem Testimony for Reizel Altman murdered in Treblinka circa 1942

People: Abraham Altman and Reisel Lea Altman

Bessie Silverman death certificate.pdf

This document shows the name of the father of Batia Rivke Krachak (Bessie Silverman) as Zalman, and her mother as Fei...

People: Shlomo Zalman Krachak, Feyga Chaya Krachak and Batia (Bessie) Silverman (Krachak)

Recorded Interview with Ana Wacht

People: Jenta "Aida" Wacht, Neumeyer (Kosacoff), Kosacoff (KOSACOFF) and 16 others.

Iosif Kagan - Page of Testimony

Jerusalem, Israel

Iosif Kagan was born in Vilnius in 1911 to Moshe and Khaia. He was a merchant and married. Prior to WWII he lived in ...

People: Zlata Kagan Wolbe and Yosef Kagan

Isruel Kagan - Page of Testimony

Jerusalem, Israel

Isruel Kagan was born in Kaunas in 1932 to Iosif and Zlata. He was a child. Prior to WWII he lived in Kaunas, Lithuan...

People: Zlata Kagan Wolbe and Isruel Kagan

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People: Bella Richmond, Ethel Kagan, Sarah Ainbinder and 16 others.

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