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Goodhall, James; 1940 U.S. Census Record James Goodhall Household.jpg


Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia, United States

1940 U.S. Census Record for James Goodhall Household in Savannah, GA

People: Barbara Jane (Gay) Ketchum (1927-2008), Gay, Maude Evelyn (Goodhall) Gay Mutter (1907-1998) and 2 others.

Chenoweth: [JOHN: JOHN] James of Perry Co., OH

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People: Mary (Chenowith) (Ashbrook) McBride, James Chenoweth, Jr., William J. Chenoweth and 52 others.

Absolom Chenoweth contains the genealogy of all decendents of European Royalty & Nobility

People: John Ketchum and Lydia Ketchum



page 18 family of

People: Sergeant John Nash, William A. Raymond, William T. Raymond and 303 others.

Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1907

People: Joseph Louis Arbour, Beagan, Beagan and 80 others.

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