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Michael Johannes Labuschagne DN 17960-1925.jpg

June 24, 1925

Bloemfontein, Orange Free State, South Africa

People: Magdalena Catharina Labuschagne, d5e1 and Michael Johannes Labuschagne


December 21, 1901

Aliwal North, Northern Cape, South Africa

VAB L935

People: Susara Johanna Labuschagne, Hendrik Johannes Labuschagne, ab2c3d4e10, Jacobus Connoway and 1 other.

LABUSCHAGNE, H.J. Death Notice

October 13, 1886

Rouxville, Free State, South Africa

VAB 293

People: Susara Johanna Labuschagne and Hendrik Johannes Labuschagne, ab2c3d4e10

Johanna Louisa Labuschagne (Klemp) 1896-1939.JPG

April 17, 1939

Winburg, Free State, South Africa

VAB MHG 30760

People: Johanna Louisa Labuschagne

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