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LATEGAN Stephanus Albertus 1891-1968 & Angonessa Sophia KOSSATZ 1896-1974

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People: Angonessa Sofia Lategan

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People: Henry Lategan

Helena Susanna Zietsman

May 11, 1969

Salisbury, Rhodesia

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People: Helena Susannah Zietsman

Cornelia Elisabeth Schoombee.jpg

August 19, 1919

Ladybrand, Motheo, Free State, South Africa

Name: Cornelia Elisabeth Schoombee Gender: Female Age: 23 Marital Status: Single Event Type: Marriage Record Typ...

People: Andries Johannes Lategan and Cornelia Elizabeth Lategan, b1c12d2e6

Louis Lategan death record-image_3Q9M-CSQF-Q9FP-Y.jpg

Louis Lategan Death Notice no. 2301/89 D.N...

People: Louis Lategan, b7c6d8

Andries Hendrik Lategan Death record-image_3Q9M-CSQ8-W98J-G.jpg

Andries Hendrik Lategan Death Notice no. 2525/02 Volume 120 Folio 490

People: Andries Hendrik Lategan, b7c6d2

Petrus Hercules Lategan Death record-image_3Q9M-CSQ8-F3W4-B.jpg

Pieter Hercules Lategan Death Notice No.1649/90 Volume94 Folio 294

People: Pieter Hercules Lategan, b7c6d6

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