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1797 - Wiliey Harpe and Sarah Rice

June 1, 1797

Knox County, Tennessee, United States

Willie (Wiley) Harp and Sarah Rice's marriage bond signed by both Wiley and Micajah Harp (The notorious Harpe Brother...

People: Micajah "Big" Harpe, Sarah "Sally" Madden and Wiley "Little" Harpe

1871 Census Stephen Madden.jpg


York, York, England, United Kingdom

People: Mary Jane Madden, Stephen Madden, Joseph K Madden and 3 others.

1861 Census Stephen Madden (2).jpg


York, York, England, United Kingdom

People: Mary Madden, Stephen Madden, Francis Jacob Madden and 4 others.

1911 Census Stephen C Madden.jpg


21 South Parade, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK

Mentions another child that had died. This now seems to be Harry, died around 2 years old.

People: Stephanie Madden, Leonard Madden, Stephen Charles Madden and 6 others.

1901 Census Stephen C Madden.jpg


West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

People: Stephanie Madden, Mary Jane Madden, Lillian J Madden and 2 others.

1891 Census William Thomas Madden.jpg


31 Inkerman Grove, Chorlton, Manchester, Lancashire, UK

People: Elizabeth Harriet Madden, Mary Josephine Madden, William Thomas Madden and 2 others.

1871 Census William Thomas Madden.jpg


40 Exeter Street, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

People: William Thomas Madden, Elizabeth Harriet Madden and Stephen Charles Madden

1901 Census Elizabeth Madden .jpg


9 Belleek Street, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

No mention of Elizabeths husband. Lives with Daughter & her husband and their son.

People: Elizabeth Harriet Madden, Mary Josephine Silcock, Stephen Charles Silcock and 2 others.

1898 Marriage .jpeg

December 21, 1898

Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

1898 Marriage of John Silcock and Mary Josephine Silcock

People: John Silcock, Mary Josephine Silcock, Joseph Silcock and 1 other.

Person Details for Alexander R Gillis, "United States Census, 1910" —

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People: Mary Ann Madden


December 15, 1836

Madison County, Ohio, United States

At the time, Nancy Madden was Nancy Ann Isabella Peel (maiden name).

People: Nancy Ann Isabella Madden and William Barker

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