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May 20, 1940

Northport, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States

Death Certificate

People: Massey (Patrick), White and James Burchalter Massey

4 THE FAMILY TREE ca 1644-1969

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People: Thomas Pettus, I, Katherine Petty, Paul Harrelson Sr and 76 others.

West Virginia Vital Research Records - Death Record Detail

Records maintained by West Virginia Archives & History

People: Priscilla Hays

Reports of cases argued and ... - Google Books


York, SC, USA

This publication places Zachariah Massey and James McCool in York, South Carolina in 1847.

People: Zachariah Massey and James A. McCool

1850 attala census - zachariah.jpg

September 1850

Attala, MS, USA

People: Zachariah Massey, Nancy Wishard Massey, Eliza Jane Massey and 5 others.

1905 New York census with Louis Julius Lindauer (1838-1915)


New York, New York, NY, USA

Louis Julius Lindauer (1838-1915) at 201 88th Street in Manhattan, New York City with Ada Lindauer, Jenny Lindauer an...

People: Louis Julius Lindauer, Grace Massey and Ada Schoenfeld

1860 Federal Census - Attala County, Mississippi - MSGenWeb, Genealogy


Attala, MS, USA

1860 Federal Census - Attala County, Mississippi - MSGenWeb - genealogy

People: Zachariah Massey, Nancy Wishard Massey, John J Massey and 4 others.


November 15, 1895

Hopkins, TX, USA

People: Zack Massey and Millie Pearl Massey

Lindauer Cypress Hill Cemetery plot

September 7, 1866

Brooklyn, Kings, NY, USA

Location: Cypress Hill Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings, NY, USA Description: Cypress Hill Cemetery. There is a second...

People: Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer, Louis Julius Lindauer, John Jacob Lindauer and 3 others.


October 31, 1850

Blount, AL, USA

People: Shannon Kyle Higginbotham, Annaretta Lyttle, Mary Polly Higginbotham and 10 others.


June 12, 1900

Village Springs, Blount, Alabama, USA

People: Ethel Marie Steele, John Massey, Flora Alice Higginbotham and 6 others.

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