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Shneur Zalman Support of the Tsar


Vilnius, Lithuania

Politics and Spirituality in Early Modern Jewish Messianism, Hillel Levine, Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought 16–17...

People: Rabbi Moshe Meisels/Meislish

Letter mentioning Rabbi Ziskind of Vidz

Vilnius, Lithuania

This is the letter written by Rabbi Dovber (admor) to Rabbi Moshe Meizlish, and it says "as I have told orally to to ...

People: Rabbi Ziskind of Vidz and Rabbi Moshe Meisels/Meislish

Translation of book chapter on Moshe Meisels by SD Levine

Hebrew text written by SD Levine, a chapter in Hebrew on Moshe Meisels, with translation.

People: Rabbi Moshe Meisels/Meislish

Encyclopedia Pages on Meisel Name - page 1

Enclyclopedia Judaica listing of notable people named Meisel - page 1

People: Rabbi Moshe Meisels/Meislish

Vilna Census


Vilnius, Lithuania

From the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Records of 1765, from the Lithuanian State Historical Archives. Vilna Census shows...

People: Rabbi Moshe Meisels/Meislish, Pesia Meisels, Arye Preger and 2 others.

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