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Death Report, Social Security

April 24, 2003

Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States

People: Margaret Mintz

Transcription of Birth Certificate

March 21, 1911

Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States

People: Margaret Mintz


Published in the June 1, 1962 issue of the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent.

People: Henry Mintz, Jennie Mintz, Sarah Gross and 5 others.


Manifest for the Caledonia, the ship that brought Henry Mintz to the U.S. This was tricky to track down, because it ...

People: Henry Mintz


This includes a lot of info about Henry, including where he was born. It seems to say "Prushani" - which doesn't mat...

People: Molly Mintz and Henry Mintz

1920 NY Census for David Dubin.jpg

January 7, 1920

New York, Kings, New York, United States

The 1920 U.S. Census for NY, showing the Dubin family living at 328 59th Street in Brooklyn.

People: Ray Dubin, Florence A. Mintz, Sylvia Dubin and 2 others.


April 27, 1910

Fallsburg, Sullivan, New York, United States

United States Census for NY in 1910.

People: Sylvia Dubin, Ray Dubin, Florence A. Mintz and 2 others.


July 10, 1959

Obituary for David Geer as published in the Jewish Exponent of Philadelphia.

People: Harry Geer, Rose Geer, Edith Wirtschafter and 3 others.

Dubin Florence Marr.PNG

May 11, 1926

Monticello, Sullivan, New York, United States

People: Isidor Mintz and Florence A. Mintz

Eva Sheinfeld & Bennie Mintz Marriage.PNG

June 30, 1926

Marriage document of Eva and Ben Mintz

People: Benjamin Mintz and Eva Mintz

Daisy Mintz Holman

May 13, 1983

Death Notice from New York Times, May 13, 1983

People: Daisy Holman

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