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March 6, 1814

Lesja, Oppland, Norway


People: Ragnhild Tharaldsdatter Mora

Skifte Ekkestuen.pdf

November 19, 1836

Trønnes, Stor-Elvdal, Hedmark, Norwayu

People: Ragnhild Tharaldsdatter Mora, Tharald Olsen and Anne Blæsterdalen

Death Record of Anthony Mora

November 17, 1920

North Reading, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States

People: Anthony Mora

Death Record of Florence Mora

March 4, 1908

Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States

People: Florence Mora

Marriage Record of Mary Williams and John Mora

June 18, 1890

Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States

People: John A Mora and Mary Mora

Mo (Nord-Rana) 1912-1925


People: Gudrun Oline Mora


May 14, 1856

San Ramón, Alajuela, Costa Rica

1856.m.Sotero Villalobos Arguedas & María Eduvijes Lobo Mora Sotero Billegas con maría Edubijes Lobo, En catorce de ...

People: Sotero Villegas Arguedas, Jacoba Mora, María Rufina Arguedas Vilches and 3 others.


August 19, 1872

San José, Costa Rica

1872.AntonioMonge&JosefaSebastianaAmador.jpg p. 125, Nº 23, Antonio Monge con Josefa Sevastiana, solteros En la Parro...

People: Antonio Monge Fallas, Josefa Mora, José Amador and 3 others.

People: Mary Brett, James Jordan Davis, Torpey and 762 others.

Major Disasters

November 2009


Major Disasters when Christy Passed Away

People: Christy Marie Munoz

U.S HIstory 2009

November 2009


U.S History the day Christy passed away

People: Christy Marie Munoz

World History 2009

November 2009


World History That was happening The Month when Christy Passed away

People: Christy Marie Munoz

This Month in History

January 1953


Events that were going on the Month Christy was Born

People: Christy Marie Munoz

Death Record

November 11, 209

San Bernardino, CA, USA


People: Christy Marie Munoz

Marie Christine Munoz Birth Rec

January 24, 1953

San Bernardino, CA, USA

Birth Record

People: Christy Marie Munoz

Cremation Card.JPG

November 11, 2009

San Bernardino, CA, USA

Christy was Cremated in San Bernardino Ca by Pierce Brothers Crestlawn Mortuary

People: Christy Marie Munoz

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