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1875 Kansas census Packingham and Martin

March 1, 1875

Spring Valley, KS, USA

People: Rachel Packenham/Packingham (Miller), David Martin, Packenham and 4 others.

1855 census packenham, h.jpg


LaSalle, IL, USA

Township number 32

People: Packenham/Packingham, Rachel Packenham/Packingham (Miller), Howard Packenham/Packingham and 1 other.

1860 census packenham, elizabeth (widowed?) with family.jpg

July 7, 1860

Granville, IL, USA

Shows Elizabeth with three children: Rachel, Benjamin, Margaret. Elizabeth may be widowed, no mention of husband in t...

People: Elisabeth / Sarah? Packenham/Packingham, Benjamin Franklin Packenham Packenham/Packingham, Jr., Rachel M Packenham/Packingham and 1 other.

1860 census packingham family.jpg

June 21, 1860

Nodaway, IA, USA

People: Packenham/Packingham, Rachel Packenham/Packingham (Miller), Charles A Packenham and 2 others.

Eleanor Packenham death certificate

July 2, 2008

People: Eleanor Packenham

Anna Packenham marriage record (

People: Packenham, Olive H Packenham, Packenham and 1 other.

1920 census Boise, Idaho: Packenham family

January 3, 1920

Boise, ID, USA

People: Olive H Packenham, Packenham, Tasker (Packenham) and 5 others.

1910 census Packenhams in Idaho

April 27, 1910

Ada, ID, USA

People: Howard E Packenham, Packenham, Packenham and 5 others.

1900 census Boise, ID: Chester Packenham & family

June 13, 1900

Boise, ID, USA

People: Packenham, Ivan Lee Packenham, Howard E Packenham and 4 others.

1870 Spring Valley Township, Cherokee Cty, KS: Packenham family

July 6, 1870

Spring Valley, Cherokee, KS, USA

People: Charles A Packenham, Packenham, Rachel Packenham/Packingham (Miller) and 2 others.

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