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Corbet of Chaddesley-Corbet, Hope & Leigh-Juxta-Caus, Leighton & subsequently of Sundorne

Shropshire, England, United Kingdom

from The family of Corbet: its life and times, by Augusta Elizabeth Brickdale Corbet (Vol II, between pp 190 and 191;...

People: Sir William Booth, of Dunham, Jane Corbet, N.N. and 44 others.

Copy of the will, dated 14 September 1555, of Humphrey Pakington (1502-1556),

September 14, 1555


Last Will & Testament Humphrey Packington

People: Humphrey Pakington

Descendants of John Apuke

Five generations of John Apuke's children.

People: Agnes Alice Anne Pakington, Abbess of Burnham

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