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Sam Patterson Children Names

Sam Patterson children names compared to John Burk half sibling names.

People: Samuel Patterson

Viney Thorn's Bloodline

DNA Bloodline showing Samuel Patterson was born John Burk, son of Viney Thorn and John Burk.

People: Samuel Patterson




WW1 service record

People: Ronto Patterson



Kenneth's WW2 service record. 1939-1946

People: Kenneth Howard Patterson




Norman's WW1 service record.

People: Norman Herbert Patterson

Michael Patterson Obituary - Pasadena, CA | Pasadena Star-News

PATTERSON - Michael Patrick Patterson . Mike Patterson, age 39, of Havana, Kans as, passed away April 30, 2002 due...

People: Michael Patrick Patterson

Potts Funeral Chapel

William "Bill" Patterson September 15, 2013

People: William Patterson

Hannah Patterson 1821-1906 - Ancestry

Research genealogy for Hannah Patterson of Pennsylvania, USA, as well as other members of the Patterson family, on An...

People: Hannah Stephens

Copy of Death Certificate

August 10, 1927

Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, United States

People: Samuel Patterson

Helen Patterson Birth Certificate

July 3, 1922

Hawaii, United States

Helen Patterson Birth Certificate

People: Helen Patterson

Decree of Divorce

October 18, 1949

Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii, United States

People: Lynn Allison Patterson and Georgene Anna Patterson

Marriage License

March 10, 1960

Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, United States

Marriage License to Doris Glory Flaherty

People: Donald Alexander Patterson

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