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June 1, 1915

Bronx County, New York, United States

1915 New York Census. Leah is not living with them.

People: S Josef Kreinik, Nettie Blatt, Frieda Krantz and 4 others.


January 1920

New York, New York, New York, United States

Pincus/Pirsig of S Josef Kreinik's family listing as Nephew age 19, works as Photographer

People: Feige Feni Reisel Rose Herbst, Pinkus Dawid Herbst, S Josef Kreinik and 5 others.


June 5, 1900


Joseph, Freda, Lena spelling

People: Irving Israel Kreinick, S Josef Kreinik, Anna Opper and 4 others.



New York, New York County, New York, United States

People: Celia Rauschkolb, S Josef Kreinik, Frieda Krantz and 8 others.


June 6, 1900

New York, NY, USA

Josef, Freda and Leah are on the previous page.

People: Celia Rauschkolb, Anna Opper, Irving Israel Kreinick and 3 others.


July 1946

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Pepis -- Olfman Mrs. E. Pepis, Beverly Apts. of Vancouver wishes to announce the marriage of her only daughter, He...

People: Dr. Abraham Olfman, Erna Pepis, Olfman and 2 others.


January 6, 1920

New York, NY, USA

Joseph Kreinik Age 63 Frieda Kreinik Age 61 Anna Kreinik Age31 May (Mae) Age 24 Celia (looks like "Lelig") Age 23...

People: S Josef Kreinik, Frieda Krantz, Anna Opper and 3 others.

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