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Marriage 1942 Arthur Raymond Phibbs & Ellen Maud Ryan

Border Mail 20 Jan 1942 p4 Brides twin sister “Eileen” was bridesmaid

People: Ellen Maude Ryan, Arthur Raymond Phibbs, Lionel Charles Phibbs and 1 other.

Probate. 1925. John Slattery

Probate Notification John Slattery to Denis Francis Walsh The Argus Melbourne 5 May 1925 p17

People: John “Jack” Slattery, Margaret Phibbs and Margaret Jane Slattery

Birth. 1953. Jennifer Mary Phibbs

Birth Notice Unnamed female Phibbs Catholic Weekly 21 May 1953 p21

People: Jennifer Mary Phibbs, Lionel Charles Phibbs and Ellen "Nell" Frances Murphy

Birth 1950. Michael Clarence Phibbs

Birth Notice Michael Clarence Phibbs Sydney Morning Herald6 Oct 1950 p26

People: Michael Clarence Phibbs, Lionel Charles Phibbs and Ellen "Nell" Frances Murphy

Death. 1985. Arthur Raymond Phibbs

Headstone Image Arthur Raymond Phibbs & Norma Jean Phibbs Australia

People: Arthur Raymond Phibbs, Ellen Maude Ryan and Private

Death. 1952. Eileen Cunningham

Death Notice Eileen May Cunningham TheArgus Melbourne 12 Dec 1952 p13

People: Eileen May Phibbs, Lionel Charles Phibbs, Alma “Ally” Vera Wynack and 5 others.

Death. 1915. Catherine Impey

Death Notice Catherine Impey The Argus Melbourne 12 June 1915 p11

People: Catherine Whelan, William Impey, John Whelan and 11 others.

Death. 1925. Edward Whelan

Death Notice Edward Whelan The Argus Melbourne 16 Jan 1925 p1

People: Edward Whelan, John Whelan, Mary Ann Phibbs and 10 others.

Headstone Catherine Impey & Whelan family

Headstone Image (Family Plot) John Whelan

People: John Whelan, John Whelan, Mary Ann Phibbs and 10 others.

Death. 1933. Charles Whelan

Death Notice Charles Whelan The Argus Melbourne 23 Jan 1933 p1

People: Charles “Charlie” Whelan, John Whelan, Mary Ann Phibbs and 10 others.

Death. 1942. Mary Ann Haub

Funeral Notice Mary Ann Haub The Age Melbourne 9 Nov 1942 p 5

People: Elizabeth Mary Whelan, John Whelan, Mary Ann Phibbs and 3 others.

Death. 1893. Annie Phibbs

Death Notice Annie Phibbs Albury Banner 26 May 1893 p22

People: Mary Ann “Annie” Carr and Lionel Charles Phibbs

Death. 1902. Lionel Charles Phibbs

Death Notice Lionel Charles Phibbs Wodonga & Toowong Sentenial 24 Oct 1902 p2

People: Lionel Charles Phibbs and Miss Unknown Scott

Marriage. 1883. Lionel Phibbs & Mary Carr

Marriage Lionel. Harley Phibbs & Annie Carr The Age Melbourne. 26 Jul 1883 p1

People: Lionel Charles Phibbs, Mary Ann “Annie” Carr, Charles Phibbs and 1 other.

Death. Mary Ann &. Patrick J Phibbs

Headstone Image Patrick James Phibbs & Mary Anne Phibbs

People: Patrick James Phibbs and Mary Ann Hawkins

Death. 1944. Mary Ann Phibbs

Death Notice Mary Ann Phibbs Border Mail Albury. 19 Aug 1944 p2

People: Mary Ann Hawkins and Patrick James Phibbs

Death. 1938. Catherine Phibbs

Death/ Obituary Catherine Phibbs Albury Banner 3 June 1938 p

People: Catherine “Kate” O’Dea and William Phibbs

Death. 1933. William Phibbs

Bereavement Notice William Phibbs Corowa Free Press 15 Sept 1933 p2

People: William Phibbs

Death. 1933 William Phibbs

Headstone Image William Phibbs

People: William Phibbs

Death 1926 Johanna Sweeney

Death Notice Johanna Sweeney The Age Melbourne 30 Nov 1926 p1

People: Johanna Slattery, Patrick Cornelius Sweeney, James “Jim” Thomas Sweeney and 6 others.

Death. 1925. John Slattery

Death Notice John Slattery The Argus Melbourne. 27 April 1925 p1

People: John “Jack” Slattery, Margaret Phibbs, Ellen May Slattery and 15 others.

Death. 1928. Margaret Slattery

Death Notice Margaret Slattery (nee Phibbs) The Argus Melbourne 31 Dec 1928 p1

People: Margaret Phibbs, John “Jack” Slattery, Ellen May Slattery and 14 others.

Death. 1936. Walter Henry Phibbs

Death Report Walter Henry Phibbs Albury Banner 28 Feb 1936 p46

People: Walter Henry Phibbs and Lionel Charles Phibbs

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