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Johannes Adam Vosloo

August 8, 1976

Fort Victoria, Rhodesia

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People: Johannes Adam Vosloo


February 11, 1889

Ficksburg, Thabo Mofutsanyane, Free State, South Africa

People: Alida Maria Margaretha Willemse

Elizabeth Magritha Pieterse

October 26, 1934

Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia

People: Elizabeth Margritha Pieterse

Petrus Jacobus Pieterse

May 30, 1975

Gwelo, Rhodesia

People: Petrus Jacobus Pieterse

Johanna Catherina Pieterse

April 23, 1974

Salisbury, Rhodesia

People: Johanna Catherina Pieterse

Barend Stephanus Pieterse

February 23, 1976

Fort Victoria, Rhodesia

People: Barend Stephanus Pieterse

Susanna Hendrika Pieterse

November 21, 1912

Zastron, OFS, South Africa

People: Susanna Hendrika van Eeden

Anna Sophia Jacoba Pieterse

June 21, 1911

Zastron, OFS, South Africa

People: Anna Sophia Jacoba Pieterse

doop Anna Margaretha Johanna Maria Steenkamp.jpg

December 10, 1876

Heilbron, Free State, South Africa

People: Anna Margaretha Johanna Maria Pieterse

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