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Brinton Geneology - page 234 The Brinton genealogy : a history of William Brinton who came from England to Chester County, Pennsylva...

People: Sarah Pownall, Elinor Henderson and Thomas Henderson

Blood flowed first at Christiana Riot | Lancaster County and the Civil War -

This historic marker stands on Lower Valley Road, Sadsbury Township, near the site of the Christiana Riot on Sept. 11...

People: Sarah Pownall, Edward Gorsuch, Dickinson Gorsuch, III and 2 others.

1852 - Photo of Levi Pownall's nephew, Joseph P. Scarlet (furthest right)


Castner Hanway (left), Elijah Lewis (center) and Joseph P. Scarlet (right) were acquitted of treason charges in the i...

People: Sarah Pownall, Joseph P. Scarlet and Levi Pownall

1860 - United States Federal Census for Levi Pownall

June 15, 1860

Sadsbury Township, Lancaster , Pennsylvania, United States

Year: 1860; Census Place:  Sadsbury, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Roll:  M653_1125; Page:  650; Image:  169; Family Histo...

People: Levi Pownall, Levi Pownall, Martha Pownall and 5 others.

1850 - United States Federal Census record for Levi Pownall

August 24, 1850

Sadsbury, Lancaster , Pennsylvania, United States

Source Citation Year: 1850; Census Place:  Sadsbury, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Roll:  M432_789; Page:  3A; Image:  12.

People: George Pownall, Sarah Pownall, Levi Pownall and 5 others.

Gaynor Guth

People: POVALL, Jane POVALL, George MYERS and 100 others.

Wendy Hughes/Andrew Smith/John Gordon

People: SCOLLICK, SCOLLICK, STANLEY and 2104 others.

David Thomas

People: Unknown, Unknown, James ROWLANDS and 45 others.

Wendy Hughes/Andrew Smith/John Gordon


People: Thomas Willits, Sr, Naomi Fraley, Rachel Drury and 1494 others.

People: Elizabeth HAMILTON, John Hopper, Elisha Littler and 657 others.

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