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Excerpt from James Knox Blish's 1905 "Genealogy of the Blish Family in America"

People: William Blish, Francis Tilton Blish, West Luce Blish and 5 others.

Remick in Stackpole's Old Kittery & her families (page 682)

Old Kittery and Her Families  By Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole

People: Benjamin Remick, Elizabeth Remick and Daniel Wood

Remick Family of Old Eliot, Maine

Old Eliot: A Monthly Magazine of the History and Biography of ..., Volumes 1-3. Page 163

People: Benjamin Remick and Elizabeth Remick

Marriage registration of Robert Francis Galvin & Ruth Remick Hood

June 14, 1952

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

People: John G. Galvin, Robert Francis Galvin, Ann Galvin and 2 others.

1945 - Marriage License for Orville Hood & Ruth Remick Smothers

November 16, 1945

Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, United States

People: Orville Lu Verne Hood, Jr., Mabel O. Hood, Orville Lu Verne Hood and 3 others.

Remick family (maternal side of the Smothers Brothers)

Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour"  By David Bianculli 2009 Page 6

People: Bertha J. Remick, Orville Lu Verne Hood, Jr., Winifred Remick and 3 others.

The Comedy Couch - Tommy Smothers Interview

People: Tom Smothers, Dick Smothers and Ruth Smothers

Marriage Christian Remick & HannahThomson


Kittery, York, Maine, United States

People: Hannah Remick and Christian Remick

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