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המאור וזכרון בספר ח"ב - אמסל, מאיר בן אברהם (page 602 of 816)

Full details about Eidel. No mention of second marriages or all other misleading and non-based postulations.

People: Eidel Perel Ester? Rokeach

ענף עץ אבות - כהנא, שמואל זינויל בן משה שמחה (page 42 of 113)

Correct information before blunder: #136. Yoel Feivish Shtengen and his wife Fredchi #135. Menachem Mendel Margolyos...

People: Eidel Perel Ester? Rokeach

שם ושארית - כהן צדק, יוסף בן אהרן, 1827-1903 (page 19 of 72)

The discovery of the Shtengen Margolyos family. Beginning at page 19 the author of Shem Usheris begins to unravel the...

People: Eidel Perel Ester? Rokeach

Hillman Wasserman recovered 02-08-09.FTW

People: Friedmann, Friedmann (Domb), Friedmann (Fridman) and 2212 others.

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