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The book about the Floss Jewish Community

The Jewish community of Floss, 1684-1942: the history of a rural Jewish community in Bavaria

People: Salomon Loew Langermann, Fredericka "Frida" Langermann Erlanger, Semele Steinhardt and 9 others.


June 1, 1925

Bronx, New York, United States

Steinhardt Family in 1925 New York State Census.

People: Herman Steinhardt, Pauline Steinhardt, Dora Goldman and 6 others.


June 1, 1915

Kings, New York, United States

1915 New York State Census Record for the Steinhardt family. Note that Herman & Pauline have been rendered as Henry ...

People: Herman Steinhardt, Pauline Steinhardt, Rose Schiffman and 3 others.

1940 United States Federal Census for Joseph Steinhart.jpg

April 1, 1940

1940 Census record for the Steinhardt family in the Bronx. 1013 Bryant Avenue

People: Pauline Steinhardt, Joseph Steinhardt, Bertha Wattman and 3 others.

Sandra (Steinhardt) Shimoff Stern-YU Yearbook 1964

Page 46 of the 1964 Stern YU Yearbook

People: Sandra Shimoff


April 1, 1940

Brooklyn, Kings, NY, USA

The Nadels and the Levinsons in the 1940 Census.

People: Rose Levinson, Leonard Nadel, William Nadel and 3 others.

Herman Steinhardt Immigration

February 26, 1906

St Albans, VT, USA

Immigration Record of Herman Steinhardt to USA. Sailed from Europe on the Corinthian(?), arrived Halifax, NS on 1/24...

People: Herman Steinhardt

Wolfish Musings: Dr. Sandra Shimoff a"h


Tribute to Sandra Shimoff

People: Sandra Shimoff

Ruth Yvonne Steinhardt Birth Telegram

April 14, 1912

Bridgeport, CT, USA

People: Jennie Steinhardt and Ruth Yvonne Steinhardt


1930 US Census Record of Patrick & Lena (Steinhardt) Bilotti. 534 Greene(?) Avenue, Brooklyn

People: Patrick Bilotti and Lena Bilotti

Schiffman Family 1930 Census


316 Sea Breeze Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

People: Rose Schiffman, Sol Schiffman and Leonard Schiffman

1930 US Census Levinson & Nadel


1930 US Census Record for the Levinson & Nadel families. The Levinsons lived at 2833 W 27 in Brooklyn while the Nade...

People: Leonard Nadel, Jacob Volentsky, Rose Levinson and 6 others.

1920 US Census Nadel & Levinson Families


New York, NY, USA

1920 US Census Record for Isaac & Rose Levinson, their daughter and son-in-law, Ida & William Nadel and families.

People: Ida Nadel, William Nadel, Charlotte Steinhardt and 3 others.



New York, NY, USA

1930 US Census record for Herman & Pauline Steinhardt's family.

People: Meyer Steinhardt, Herman Steinhardt, Dora Goldman and 5 others.

Herman Steinhardt Death Cert Back

October 1, 1932

Back of Herman Steinhardt's death certificate

People: Herman Steinhardt


People: Julius Steinhardt, Harris, Hannah Gross and 8 others.

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