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Death Notice -Isabella Maria Breytenbach

September 20, 1968

Reddersburg, Free State, South Africa

"South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files, 1951-2006," database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch....

People: Frederik Breytenbach, Isabella Maria van der Linde, Daniel Michael van Der Linde and 2 others.

Death Notice - Daniel Michael vd Linde

January 24, 1962

"South Africa, Orange Free State, Estate Files, 1951-2006," database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch....

People: Christina Wilhelmina Smit Conradie, Isabella Maria van der Linde, Magdalena Van Niekerk and 5 others.

Johanna van Rensburg.jpg

People: Johanna Maria Mc Hardy van Rensburg

Nicolaas van Rensburg.jpg

People: Nicolaas Johannes van Rensburg

BASSON Gabriel J.J. 1871-1955 & Catharine M. 1875-1953

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People: Catharine (Kiet) M Basson

Petronella Hendrika van Bruggen MHG 898-58.jpg

January 4, 1958

Boksburg Hospital, Boksburg, East Rand, Gauteng, South Africa


People: Maria Petronella Oosthuizen, SM/PROG, Jochem van Bruggen, SV/PROG, Johan Wilhelm van Rensburg and 1 other.

Barnard, Aletta do Jacobus Stefanus van der Watt and Catharina Louisa baptism Knysna 1871.jpg

November 28, 1871

Knysna, South Cape DC, Western Cape, South Africa

People: Aletta van Rensburg, g3

Heuningkloof se Mense © A.J. Buys 2005


South Africa

The Wait Family in South Africa

People: FERREIRA, Walter Jameson WAIT, ab1c8d4e1, Salomina Jacoba Cornelia Wait and 866 others.

DN_30712 Bornman Johannes Jurgens_Children and Grandchildren.jpg

Vredefort, Northern Free State, Free State, South Africa

Husband estate

People: Hendrika Petronella Wilhelmina van Rensburg and Johannes Jurgens Bornman

DN_30712 Bornman Johannes Jurgens (1).jpg

April 7, 1939

Vredefort, Northern Free State, Free State, South Africa

Eie sterfkennis/Own death notice. Research done and photos taken for Judi by Pieter Johannes Taljaard, private resear...

People: Jacoba Elizabeth de Wet, b1c2d5e5f4g2, Johannes Gysbert Roos Bornman, Hendrika Petronella Wilhelmina van Rensburg and 1 other.

Van Wyk Family Bible - Page 1

A photocopy from a Van Wyk Family Bible, as provided to me by Piet Van Wyk, Bonnivale, South Africa.

People: Roelof Johannes Jacobus van Wyk, b1c7d4e5f10g4h2, Roelof Jacobus Francois van Wyk, b1c7d4e5f10g4h2i3, Elizabeth Magdalena Jacoba van Rensburg, b1c7d4e5f10g4h2i4 and 4 others.

Aletta Johanna Petronella Erasmus

May 20, 1957

Inyanga, South Africa

People: Aletta Johanna Petronella Erasmus

Margaretha Elizabeth van Rensburg 4 December 1859 Lydenburg Baptism.pdf


South Africa

Father: Lourens Christiaan Janse van REnsburg Mother: Elizabeth Francina Joubert Witnessed by: Margaretha Elizabeth J...

People: Margaretha Elizabeth van Rensburg, Lourens Christiaan van Rensburg, Elizabeth Francina Joubert and 2 others.

Aletta Catharina van Oudtshoorn 11 March 1904 Ermelo Baptism.jpg


Father: Gideon Jacobus van Rheede van Oudtshoorn Mother: Aletta Catharina Joubert Witnessed by: Wessel Lourens van Rh...

People: Aletta Catharina van Oudtshoorn, Wessel Lourens van Rheede van Oudtshoorn, Aletta Catharina van Oudtshoorn and 2 others.

Gertruida Magdalena van Niekerk

July 14, 1971

Salisbury, Rhodesia

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People: Gertruida Magdalena (Tienie) van Niekerk

Douw Snetler Doubell - Death Notice

June 1938

Germiston, South Africa

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People: Douw Snetler Doubell, c17, Hesther Arabella Doubell, Walter David Peter Doubell, b2 and 19 others.

Alberta van Rooyen 17 October 1728 Drakenstein Baptism.JPG


South Africa

Father: Cornelis van Rooyen Mother: Jacomina van Deventer Witnessed by: Barend Lindeque and Helena Brits

People: Jacomina Gerritsz van Deventer, b2 SM, Albertha Maria Catharina van Rensburg, a1b6 and Cornelis Johannes van Rooyen, SV/PROG 1

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