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December 22, 1769

Liberty, Georgia, United States

12/22/1769 is the date the will was written, not the date he died.

People: Mary Hester Dunham, William Dunham, Charles T. Dunham and 9 others.



Liberty, GA, USA

People: Sarah Ann Way, John "Jack" Way, John E. Way, CSA and 1 other.



Jesup, Wayne, GA, USA

People: Gussie V. Wheeler, Martha Clara Wheeler, Thaddeus S. Wheeler and 1 other.



Liberty, GA, USA

People: William A. Tidwell, Jr., Thomas Tidwell, Sarah V. Tidwell and 1 other.



Chatham, GA, USA

People: Martha Clara Wheeler



Liberty, GA, USA

People: Mattie Way, Lana Hancock and Benjamin A. Way



Savannah, Chatham, GA, USA

People: Adele Banks, Henrietta "Hetta" Jane Banks, Viola C. Banks and 2 others.

PETER TALLMAN - A Footnote in History ©1984 Ruth Alice Anderson.pdf 1

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People: Peter Tallman, Thomas Durfee, Joan Tallman and 21 others.

From the book, "Talman/Tallman Families", by Herbert S. Ackerman pg.101

Information from Peter Tallman's Profile by Unknown User

People: Peter Tallman, Susanna Way (Tallman), Robert Hill and 16 others.

From the book "One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families", by John Osborne Austin

Information from Peter Tallman's Profile by Unknown User

People: Peter Tallman, Mary Pearce (Tallman), William Wilbore, II and 14 others.

Waters - NEGHS Vol 57 page 91

People: Mindwell Hill, Daniel Hill, Of Guilford, Reuben Hill and 9 others.

Thomas Ford ( - 1676) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Joan Ford and Thomas Ford

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