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The Lee Family of Manchester (page 47)

Essex Institute Historical Collections, Volume 52 Essex Institute Press, 1916 - Essex County (Mass.)

People: Abraham Wharfe, John Lee/Ley, Martha Lee and 3 others.

a genealogist's sketchbook › the draper’s apprentice: Arthur Mackworth

I’ve been working for some time now, albeit sporadically, on an article on the Shropshire Mackworths. Lately I’ve bee...

People: Arthur Mackworth, of Falmouth, Jane Mackworth, Nathaniel Wharf and 11 others.

Rebecca, mother of Nathaniel Wharf, born 1662


Collections of the Maine Historical Society. [1st Ser.̈, Volume 1 (Google eBook) Maine Historical Society. Page 70

People: Rebecca Rogers, Nathaniel Wharfe, Nathaniel Wharf and 3 others.

Map of Dogtown cellars & houses

Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts

Source: In The Heart Of Cape Ann or the Story Of Dogtown By: Charles E. Mann - Published 1896

People: Abraham Wharfe, Peter Lurvey, Arthur Wharf and 9 others.

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