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p.34-5. Fame's Twilight: Studies of Nine Men of Letters

Author: K. N. Colvile; Category: Other - Essays; Length: 275 pages

People: Judith Courthope, Jeltry Colville, of London, Elizabeth North and 7 others.

Francis Marion Bates (1835 - 1879) - Find A Grave Memorial

June 27, 1879


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People: Frank M. Bates, Actor, Eliza Bates (Wren), Actress, Eleanor Bates and 2 others.

Australian and New Zealand Civil War Veterans

c. June 27, 1879


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People: Eliza Bates (Wren), Actress, Eleanor Bates, Alice Wren and 2 others.

Blanche Bates - IMDb

Blanche Bates, Actress: The Border Legion. Blanche Bates was born on August 25, 1873 in Portland, Oregon, USA. She wa...

People: Eliza Bates (Wren), Actress

Frank M. Bates & Frances Wren.pdf

June 2, 1908

Ossining, Westchester County, New York, United States

New York Times article concerning the death of Frances Bates (Wren) Article also cites Frank M. Bates Article cites n...

People: Frank M. Bates, Actor, Eliza Bates (Wren), Actress and Blanche Bates, Actress

Christopher Wren - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sir Christopher Wren FRS (20 October 1632 – 25 February 1723) is one of the most highly acclaimed English architects ...

People: Sir Christopher Wren

Sir Christopher Wren - Great Buildings Online

Sir Christopher Wren, architect in the Great Buildings Online.

People: Sir Christopher Wren

Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925

People: Rawhouser, Rawhouser, Rawhouser and 4 others.

Släktträd i Ancestry

People: Hanks, Jöns Olsson, Karna Olasdotter and 24 others.

Linda's Big Family File.FTW

People: Tuchten, Tuchten (Edidin), Elizabeth Chew and 5232 others.

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