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Генеалогия и история семьи Huang

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О фамилии Huang

Huang (simplified Chinese: 黄; traditional Chinese: 黃) is a Chinese surname that means "golden yellow", or literally "yellow."

While Huáng is the pinyin romanisation of the word, it may also be romanised as Hwang, Wong, Bong, Ng, Uy, Wee, Oi, Oei, Ooi, or Ong due to pronunciations of the character in different Chinese dialects. The surname is known as Hoàng or as Huỳnh in Vietnamese, and Hwang, Whang in Korean.

Huang is the 7th most common surname in China. The population of Huangs in China and Taiwan was estimated at more than 29 million in 2000; it was also the surname of more than 2 million overseas Chinese, 4.3 million Vietnamese (5.1%), and an estimated 1 million Koreans (The 2000 census of South Korea found 644,294 South Koreans with this surname, ranked 17th).