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  • Blaine Luetkemeyer, U.S. Congress
    Leutkemeyer, a Representative from Missouri; born in Jefferson City, Cole County, Mo., May 7, 1952; B.A., Lincoln University, Jefferson City, Mo., 1974; business owner; banker; rancher; member of the S...
  • Julie Bowen
    Julie Bowen Luetkemeyer (born March 3, 1970), better known by her stage name Julie Bowen , is an American actress. She attended Brown University, graduating with a BA in Renaissance Studies. She is b...
  • Agnes Theresa Iven (1921 - 2009)
  • Agnes Iven (deceased)
  • Agnes Luetkemeyer (1905 - 1973)

О фамилии Luetkemeyer

                    Littlemeyer - "A Story of 7 brothers Lütkemeyer aka Luetkemeyer"

   7 Lütkemeyer / Luetkemeyer brothers came to America. They arrived on a Ship that docked in New Orleans, La., sometime after July 24th, 1841 and before 24 July 1842. While disembarking from the ship the brothers became separated from the youngest brother, (who was only 12 yrs. old). They lost site of him in the crowds and they never saw him again.      Heinrich Franz Lütkemeyer, was born on 24 Jul 1824, in Oldendorf, County Minden, The Kingdom Of Prussia. He arrived in the U.S. with 6 of his brothers. He was 17 years old. The spelling of their surname, his birth place and date were found on the Baptismal Certificate of his son, Wilhelm Freidrich "Fritz" Luetkemeyer aka William Fredrick "Fritz" Littlemeyer. This document is written in Old German.

  William Fredrick "Fritz" Littlemeyer was baptized Wilhelm Freidrich Luetkemeyer in 1872 at St. Stephen's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Barnes Settlement, Massac Co., IL..    Later, a chair company came to Metropolis. This company was known as "Bender" and Later "Bebee Tenda Company" it was owned by "Heinrich Wilhelm LUETKEMEYER", who's features where similar to the Littlemeyer's. George, Fritz, and John, talked of checking with this man to see if he was their long lost Uncle. George (the most outgoing of them) agreed to go talk to him. But a week later George was run over by a train, which cut off both his legs, resulting in his death. It took a few years for Fritz and John to go talk to this very important man in their town. When they finally decided to go, it was too late. The man had died. His son had taken over the company, the son said he was adopted and did not know anything of his father's past or family. He may have thought they were gold diggers just looking for a piece of the company, which had become the biggest enterprise in Metropolis. So, he played dumb, or maybe he really didn't know.       In the early 1850's of the brothers started using LITTLEMEYER instead of LüTKEMEYER / LUETKEMEYER. 

Henry Franklin Littlemeyer, born 24 Jul 1824, Oldendorf, County Minden, the Kingdom Of Prussia. His Occupation was Watch Maker and Silver-smith, He owned a Jewelry and watch shop on Ferry St. in Metropolis.

Fredrick "Fritz" Littlemeyer, born 19 Mar 1829, Kingdom Of Prussia. His Occupation was Farmer and Logger.

Franklin Henry "Frank" Littlemeyer, (He was only 14 when they arrived), Born Kingdom Of Prussia. His Occupation was Ships Carpenter

Johnathan Henry "John" Littlemeyer, born Kingdom Of Prussia. His Occupation was Farmer and Logger.

  • These last three we haven't yet proven they are related, but the names fit in to the 1st names of the family.  
  • Gerhard Rudolph Luetkemyer
  • Bernard Henry Littlemeyer aka Bernhardt Heinrich Luetkemeyer, Born Kingdom of Prussia.
  • Heinrich Wilhelm Lütkemeyer aka Heinrich Wilhelm Luetkemeyer, Born Kingdom of Prussia. Owner of Bebee Tenda Company, a furniture company, it became a company that specialized in baby furniture, the name changed through the years to the Baby Tender Company.      On Aug 08, 1852 Fredrick Littlemeyer (Friedrich) "Fritz" Lütkemeyer) had a Massac Co. land patent.

Henry F., Frank, and Fritz were in Pope Co. IL, near Golconda, Il., before moving to Massac County IL. Frank ended up in McCracken Co., KY.   John moved to Massac Co. after the Civil War. He fought With the Louisiana Calvary for the CSA. Henry fought for the US Army, Both brothers, where in the battle of Shenandoah, fighting on different sides.        In 1890 "Frank" Littlemeyer, married for the 3rd time. On his marriage license he lists his parents as Jasper Littlemeyer and Isabelle WILKINS of Kingdom of Prussia. We found a Caspar Heinrich LUETKEMEYER married to Clare Ilsabein WILKEN-OVERING, 23 Jul 1824, Evangelisch-Lutherische, Preussisch Oldendorf, Westfalen, Preussen. The Records from their home town in Prussia (Germany), Shows a Casper Luetkemeyer was married to 3 different women. I believe the oldest were born of the 1st wife. Then Fritz, John, and Henry were from the 2nd wife, and Frank and the lost brother were born of the 3rd wife listed above.   Heinrich Franz Lütkemeyer aka Mary Kathryn aka Catharina Maria "Mary" Klienschmidt. They had three daughters and three sons. Their son William Frederick "Fritz" Littlemeyer married Charlotte "Lottie" Martin. They had 3 children.

First, Samuel Littlemeyer, he was married Olis Beauton “Beaut” Jones. They had 1 son. Ulus Clyde "Tuff" Littlemyer Sr., he was married 1st to Hazle Daphne Fulkerson they had 1 son. "Tuff" was married a 2nd time to Sarah Hawkins. They had 2 children.  Then "Tuff" married Teresa Hawkins (she was the daughter of the 2nd wife Sarah Hawkins.) They had 6 children.   Second, Fannie Mae Littlemeyer, She married Greene Stout from Hardin Co., Tn. He died in 1945 of "TB" They had nine children. Glendall Fredrick Stout, Verna Lorraine Stout, Julia Mary Evelyn Stout, Paul Lavere Stout, who died at age 18 mos., Frances Virginia Stout, Betty Louise Stout, Donna Kay Stout, she was still born, Carolyn "Sue" Stout, and Patricia Ann "Pat" Stout.

Third Elizabeth "Lizzy" Littlemeyer, who died when she was four yrs., seven mos. and twenty-six days.   On Henry and Fritz' Naturalization records our name is spelled 2 ways; Settlemier, and Littlemier.

Researched by Dody McCoy Fire3821@aol.com.   Witten by and Proveniences held by Dody McCoy