Morris "Two Gun" Cohen MP (1887 - 1970)

Morris Abraham "Two-Gun" Cohen (1887–1970) was a British and Canadian adventurer of Jewish origin who became aide-de-camp to Sun Yat-sen and a major-general in the Chinese National Revolutionary Army.E...

Adi Tatarko Cohen MP

Adi Tatarko is CEO of Houzz, a home design site she and her husband, Alon Cohen started in 2009. The couple launched the website after they had trouble finding ideas for remodeling their house. Houzz a...

Albert Cohen MP (1895 - 1981)

Cohen (August 16, 1895 – October 17, 1981) was a Greek-born Romaniote Jewish Swiss novelist who wrote in French. He worked as a civil servant for various international organizations, such as the Intern...

Alexander Cohn (Cohen) MP (1912 - 2004)

מהנדס עירית בני ברק, אלכסנדר כהן.

Alon Cohen MP

Alon Cohen is the President and co-founder of Houzz, a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing together both professionals and homeowners via mobile, local and social tools. Alon and his wife...

Amnon Cohen MP

פרופ' אמנון כהן באתר מקבלי פרס ישראל תשס"ז

Dr. Rabbi Arthur Cohn MP (1862 - 1926)

Cohn (* Februar 1862 in Flatow, Preussen; † 19. März 1926 in Basel) war ein deutsch-schweizerischer Rabbiner.Arthur Cohn war von 1885 bis zu seinem Lebensende orthodoxer Rabbiner der Israelitischen Gem...

Avi Cohen MP (1956 - bef.2010)

Avraham "Avi" Cohen (Hebrew: אבי כהן‎; 14 November 1956 – 29 December 2010) was an Israeli footballer who played as a defender. He was best known for his spell playing for Liverpool in England. After r...

Bela Morisovich Kun (Kohn) MP (1886 - 1938)

1913 - Marriage with Irén GÁL *1916 - Name change from KOHN to KUN - Source ]

Rabbi Binyomin Yonason Cohen, Rabbi of Šiauleani and Dwinsk (Daugavpils/Dünaburg) MP (1892 - 1941)

Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, Nobel Prize in Physics 1997 MP

Cohen-Tannoudji (born April 1, 1933) is a French physicist and Nobel Laureate. He shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics with Steven Chu and William Daniel Phillips for research in methods of laser coo...

Dalia Carmi-Cohen (Yanovsky) MP (1926 - 2013)

דליה כרמי-כהן, פרס ישראל למוסיקולוגיה, 2012 מאמר זכרון בעיתון הארץ

Daniel Marc Cohn-Bendit MP

Marc Cohn-Bendit (French: [k%C9%94n bɛndit]; German: [ko%CB%90n ˈbɛndiːt]; born 4 April 1945) is a German politician. He was a student leader during the unrest of May 1968 in France and was also known ...

David (Dudi) Cohen MP

דוד (דודי) כהן (נולד ב-1955) הוא קצין משטרה בדרגת רב ניצב אשר כיהן כמפכ"ל ה-16 של משטרת ישראל בין השנים 2007–2011.ביוגרפיהכהן נולד ביפו. שירת בצה"ל כלוחם וקצין בגדוד 202 של חטיבת הצנחנים. השתחרר בדרגת ...

Rabbi David Cohen - Harav Hanazir MP (1887 - 1972)

GENERATIONS ( Missing Links Project )Descendant of Rabbi Raphael HaCohen HaCohen Katz, [Chief Rabbi of Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbek] through Zeharia Mendel Katz .

Edna Solodar (Cohen) MP

אשת ציבור ישראלית

Rabbi Elazar (2) CATZ Ha Cohen of Lask MP (deceased)

Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen MP (1927 - 2016)

She'ar Yashuv CohenFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaEliyahu Yosef She'ar Yashuv Cohen (Hebrew: אליהו יוסף שאר ישוב כהן) (born November 4, 1927) was the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Israel and th...

Eli Cohen MP (1924 - 1965)

Eliahu (Eli) ben Shaoul Cohen (Hebrew: אֱלִיָּהוּ בֵּן שָׁאוּל כֹּהֵן‎‎, 16 December 1924 - 18 May 1965) was an Israeli spy. He is best known for his work in Syria, where he developed close relationshi...

Photo by RCA Records. Public domain. Via Wikimedia Commons at

Mama Cass Elliot MP (1941 - 1974)

Cass Elliot (September 19, 1941 – July 29, 1974), born Ellen Naomi Cohen and also known as Mama Cass, was an American singer and member of The Mamas & the Papas. After the group broke up, she released ...

Elisheva Cohen (Benjamin) MP (1911 - 1989)

Elisheva Cohen (Hebrew: אלישבע כהן‎; January 9, 1911 – December 20, 1989) was an Israeli designer and museum curator. In 1977, she won the Israel Prize for her contribution to Israeli design. She was g...

Esther Haya Samuel-Cohen (Samuel) MP (1933 - 2015)

אסתר סמואל-כהן, באתר מקבלי פרס ישראל תשס"ד

Ethan Jesse Coen MP

See Wikipedia... Joel David Coen (born November 29, 1954) and Ethan Jesse Coen (born September 21, 1957), known informally as the Coen brothers, are American film directors, screenwriters, producers, a...

Georg Cohn MP (1887 - 1956)

Two blog articles on Georg Cohn written by daughter:

Gertrud (Trudi) Karoline Cohn (Rothmann) MP (1901 - 1941)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs:Cohn, Gertrudgeborene Rothmann geboren am 20. Februar 1901 in Berlin / - / Stadt Berlin wohnhaft in BreslauDeportation: ab Breslau 25. November 1941, Kowno (Ka...

Geula Cohen MP (1925 - 2019)

Geulah Cohen (Hebrew: גאולה כהן ‎; 25 December 1925 – 18 December 2019) was an Israeli politician and activist who founded the Tehiya party. She won the Israel Prize in 2003. Between 1974 and 1992, she...

Haim Cohen MP (1911 - 2002)

Harry Cohn MP (1891 - 1958)

Harry Cohn (July 23, 1891 – February 27, 1958) was the co-founder, president, and production director of Columbia Pictures Corporation.[1]Cohn was born to a working-class Jewish family in New York City...

Hindlen (Ha)Kohen (Halevi) MP (b. - 1601)

Hofni Cohen MP

Howard Cosell MP (1918 - 1995)

William Cosell (/koʊˈsɛl/; born Howard William Cohen; March 25, 1918 – April 23, 1995) was an American sports journalist who was widely known for his blustery, cocksure personality. Cosell said of hims...

Izhar Cohen MP

Izhar Cohen YouTube Izhar Cohen (Hebrew: יזהר כהן‎; born March 13, 1951) is an Israeli singer who won the 1978 Eurovision Song Contest.Cohen was born in Tel Aviv and raised in Giv'atayim in a Yemeni si...

Rodney Dangerfield MP (1921 - 2004)

Rodney Dangerfield (born Jacob Rodney Cohen, November 22, 1921 – October 5, 2004) was an American comedian and actor, known for the catchphrase "I don't get no respect!" and his monologues on that them...

Jenté Sara Miriam Gans, Behrends-Cohen (Goldschmidt-Hameln) MP (c.1623 - 1695)

"Die Familie Wolf" - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see pg. 118 see also chart Lion Gomperz &Lob OppenheimerDescendants of Moses Spanier - page 1 === GEDCOM Source ===@R-1576397378@ Germany, Find A Grave Index, 16...

Joel David Coen MP

David Coen[1] (born November 29, 1954) and Ethan Jesse Coen[1] (born September 21, 1957), known informally as the Coen brothers, are American film directors, screenwriters, producers, and editors. Thei...

Johanna "Hanchen" Cohn (Plaut) MP (1857 - 1930)

The Jewish Birth Book of Schenklengsfeld Shows her as "Hannchen" Plaut.

Johanna Henriette Cohen (van Meekren) MP (1875 - 1934)

Bruidegom: Isaac Samuel Cohen Geboorteplaats: Rotterdam Beroep: apotheker Vader bruidegom: Samuel Cohen Moeder bruidegom: Betje Levison Bruid: Johanna Henriette van Meekren Geboorteplaats: Groningen Va...

Judy Chicago MP

Chicago is an artist, author, feminist, educator, and intellectual whose career now spans five decades. Her influence both within and beyond the art community is attested to by her inclusion in hundred...

Judith Kohn Naot (Kohn) MP (1944 - 2004)


Lea Cahn (Kober) MP (1899 - 1981)

Leffmann Behrens MP (b. - 1714)

Leffmann Behrens, jüdischer Name: Elieser (Ezechiel) Lippmann Cohen (* 1634 in Bockum; † 1. Januar 1714 in Hannover), war ein deutscher Hofjude, Hof- und Kammeragent (Bankier) der hannoverschen Welfenh...

R' Dr. Leo Yehuda Cahn MP (1889 - 1958)

Leo Jehuda Cohn MP (1913 - 1944)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs:Cohn, Leo Jehuda geboren am 15. Oktober 1913 in Lübeck / - / Freie Hansestadt Lübeck wohnhaft in Frankfurt a. Main und HamburgInhaftierung: 06. Juli 1944 - 31....

Leonard Cohen MP (1934 - 2016)

Leonard Cohen, Master of Meanings * Leonard Cohen (1934 - 2016) * Hallelujah * Leonard Cohen’s new 2016 album * A Song of Love and Memory for Leonard Cohen

Lyor Cohen MP

Cohen (Hebrew: ליאור כהן; born October 3, 1959) is an American music industry executive.Cohen has been actively involved in hip-hop at various top labels for more than 30 years, as the industry grew fr...

Meir Cohen MP

איש חינוך ופוליטיקאי * Reference: MyHeritage Genealogy - SmartCopy : Jul 7 2020, 8:00:00 UTC

Rabbi Dr. Michael Cahn MP (1849 - 1920)

Died aged 70 on 10 Tevet 5680 = 1 January 1920Was the inventor of the Metzitza tube for the use of hygienically sucking up the blood at the ritual of Brit Milah (circumcision) which was designed in con...

Miriam Yakovlevna Bernstein-Cohen MP (1895 - 1991)

Miriam Bernstein-Cohen (Russian: Мария Яковлевна Бернштейн-Коган Hebrew: מרים ברנשטיין-כהן‎), 1895-1991, was an Israeli actress, director, poet and translator. Born in Kishinev, Russian Empire, (now pa...

Motti Cohen (photo: Israel Police)

Mordechai (Motti) Cohen MP

Shtulim, Ashkelon, South District, Israel

מרדכי (מוטי) כהן (נולד ב-2 בספטמבר 1962) הוא קצין משטרה בדרגת ניצב, שכיהן כממלא מקום מפכ"ל משטרת ישראל.ביוגרפיהמוטי כהן, בנם השלישי של יצחק ולבנה, נולד בגבעתיים. אמו נולדה ביוון ועלתה לארץ ישראל בשנת 1...

Nili Cohen (Grabelsky) MP

ויקיפדיה: נילי כהן היא פרופסור מן המניין למשפטים באוניברסיטת תל אביב, רקטור האוניברסיטה לשעבר, חברת האקדמיה הלאומית הישראלית למדעים משנת 2004, ונשיאת האקדמיה הלאומית הישראלית למדעים מספטמבר 2015. כלת פ...

Pinhas Cohen Gan MP

Tel Aviv, Israel

פנחס כהן גן באתר פרסי ישראל תשס"ח Pinchas Cohen Gan (Hebrew: פנחס כהן גן‎) (born 1942) is an Israeli painter and mixed-media artist.Pinhas Cohen Gan was born 1942in Meknes, Morocco. He immigrated to Is...

Prof. Yigal Cohen MP (deceased)

ויקיפדיה: יגאל כהן הוא פרופסור אמריטוס לפיתופתולוגיה באוניברסיטת בר-אילן. חתן פרס ישראל לחקר החקלאותכהן סיים לימודי תואר ראשון בחקלאות (1963) ותואר שני בפתולוגיה של צמחים (1965) במסגרת הפקולטה לחקלאות ...

Rachel Cohen-Kagan (Lubarsky) MP (1888 - 1982)

Rachel Cohen-Kagan (Hebrew: רחל כהן-כגן‎, born Rachel Lubersky on 19 February 1888, died 15 October 1982) was a Zionist activist and Israeli politician, and one of only two women to sign the Israeli de...

Sacha Baron Cohen MP

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen (born 13 October 1971) is an English stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and voice artist. He is most widely known for writing and playing three unorthodox fictional characters Ali...

Suliman The Great MP (1921 - 2008)

Biography== Suliman The Great was born in 1921 in Tel Aviv, Israel. His parents were Yaakov Shlomo Cohen and Ester Cohen . He was a Singer. Shlomo married Sara Cohen . Together they had the following c...

Stanley Cohen, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1986 MP (1922 - 2020)

Stanley Cohen (November 17, 1922 - February 5, 2020) is an American biochemist and Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology and Medicine (1986). Early life and education Cohen was born in Brooklyn, New York,...

Susanne Auguste Cohn MP (1932 - 1941)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs:Cohn, Susanne geboren am 04. März 1932 in Breslau / - / Schlesien wohnhaft in BreslauDeportation: ab Breslau 25. November 1941, Kowno (Kauen), Fort IXTodesdatu...

Tamara Cohn MP (1938 - 1941)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs:Cohn, Tamarageboren am 19. Juli 1938 in Breslau / - / Schlesien wohnhaft in BreslauDeportation: ab Breslau 25. November 1941, Kowno (Kauen), Fort IXTodesdatum:...


Vardina Cohen MP

Walter Nathan Cohn MP (1895 - aft.1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs:Cohn, Walter Nathan geboren am 17. November 1895 in Hamburg / - / Hansestadt Hamburg wohnhaft in HamburgDeportationsziel: ab Hamburg / Bielefeld - Berlin 11. J...

Dr. Willy Cohn MP (1888 - 1941)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs:Cohn, Willy Rilly geboren am 12. Dezember 1888 in Breslau / - / Schlesien wohnhaft in BreslauDeportation: ab Breslau 25. November 1941, Kowno (Kauen), Fort IXT...

Ya'akov Cohen (the poet) MP (1881 - 1960)

Ya'akov Cohen יעקב כהן (born 26 June 1881; died 20 November 1960) was an Israeli poet, playwright, translator, writer and Hebrew linguist.Cohen was born in 1881 in Slutsk, in the Russian Empire, now in...

מאת Kobiki17 - נוצר על ידי מעלה היצירה, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Yaakov Shlomo Cohen MP (1885 - 1964)

Yael Cohen-Paran (Cohen) MP

יו"ר משותפת של התנועה הירוקה Yael Cohen Paran* Famous People Throughout History* Description: Israeli Politician* Birth: Oct 12 1973

Yakob (Jacob) ben Yosef Kohen Ṣedeq II, Gaon of Sura & Pumbeditha MP (c.883 - c.935)

Kohen Ṣedeq ben Joseph GaonKohen Ṣedeq ben Joseph—not to be confused with Kohen Ṣedeq Bar Ivomay, gaon of Sura from 832 to 843)—served as gaon of Pumbedita from February of 917 to 935 (see Yeshivot in ...

Dana International MP

Sharon Cohen (Hebrew: שרון כהן‎), professionally known as Dana International (דנה אינטרנשיונל), born Yaron Cohen ירון כהן; February 2, 1972) is an Israeli pop singer of Yemenite Jewish and Romanian Jew...

R Yechiel Michel Katz of Lask MP (deceased)

אגרת יוחסין Yechiel-Michel Catz Ha Cohen of Lask was the grandson of Yechiel-Michel Catz Ha Cohen of Nemirov. The Cohen of Lask's mother was the daughter of the Rabbi from Nemirov, who was killed by th...

Yigal Cohen Orgad MP (1937 - 2019)

מרדכי כהן (deceased)

כהן (deceased)

כהן (deceased)

כהן מרכוס (deceased)

כהן (deceased)

כהן (deceased)

Cohen (deceased)

Cohen (deceased)

Cohen (deceased)

כהן (deceased)

Cohen (deceased)

Cohen (deceased)

Cohen (deceased)

Cohen Mechrez (1834 - 1928)

Cohen (Sebbah) (deceased)

כהן (deceased)

כהן למג'רבי

כהן (deceased)

כהן (deceased)

כהן (deceased)

GEDCOM Note === His name might be Moshe

הא׳ כהן (deceased)

׳׃ױױװ כהן (deceased)

Efraim אפרים Fishel פישל kohn הכהן (Kohn) (1754 - d.)

מתוך רב של שמחה, פ"ז גליקסמן,

(Ari) Kohn (deceased)

(בידה(לבנה כהן (deceased)

(דוד (הנרי כהן (deceased)

זלדה (זויה) כהן (1914 - 1975)

(חנה (ננה כהן (deceased)

(טרקי (יהודית כהן (deceased)

(מויאל)ויקטוריה כהן (deceased)

**** כהן (deceased)

Rivkaרבקה כהן (deceased)