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Hagaon Gershon HaKohen Rappa, Ish Porto MP (1538 - 1584)

הערה: לציין שבספר "קול שמחה" כתוב שר' משה הכהן רפא היה אביו,אבל במקורות רבים אחרים כתוב שהיה בנו של ר' אברהם כ"ץ. האם יתכן שמשה היה בנו של אברהם והושמט במקורות מסוימים? אולי בעתיד נדע

Rabbi Moshe ben Meir HaKohen MP (c.870 - 915)

Gaon in Eretz Yisrael from about 900 until his death in 915

Rabbi Yehudah Ben Moshe HaKohen, "Sire Léonṭin" MP (c.905 - c.975)

RadhanitesThe Radhanites (al-Rādhāniyya) were Jewish [Qaraite and Rabbinic] merchants believed to have originated in the ninth century in the region of Rādhān, a district in southern Iraq. Their trade ...

Rabbi Yekutiel Meshulam HaCohen Rappa, the 1st Rapoport MP (c.1385 - c.1450)

Rap(p)aport, Rap(p)oport, Rappeport or Rapa Porto (Hebrew: רפפורט‎) is a family name from an ashkenazi (Jewish) Kohenitic pedigree. It takes its origins in the Rapa family of Porto Mantovano located in...

Abba bar Abba HaKohen (c.140 - 252)

Communal leader in Nehardea, known as a very learned man

Abba HaCohen (c.245 - 325)

Abba bar Yishmael HaKohen (c.115 - c.140)

Abba (Rabbah) bar Shmuel HaKohen (c.190 - c.220)

Acha (or Achai) bar Huna HaKohen (c.450 - 506)

Acha (Achai) is the Savora (one of Rabbanan Savorai) most often mentioned in the Talmud

Adda (or Addoi) daughter of Bustenai (deceased)

Rabbi Aharon ben Meir HaKohen (c.895 - 932)

Avin bar Huna HaKohen (c.280 - c.375)

Rabbi Avraham ben Yehudah HaKohen (c.1010 - c.1065)

Rav in Mainz

Rabbi Avraham ben Meir HaKohen (c.1245 - 1281)

Rav in Mainz

Rabbi Avraham ben Yitzchak HaKohen (c.1070 - c.1100)

Rav in Mainz

Azaryah ben Chanina HaKohen (c.5 - c.68)

Financially supported his brother Shimon while he studied; Shimon is often referred to as 'Shimon achi Azarya' for that reason

Chanania bar Chaninai HaKohen (c.650 - 694)

Gaon of Sura 689-694Native of Nehar Pekod

Chanania ben Chizkiya HaCohen (deceased)

Chanina bar Mar HaKohen (c.540 - 614)

Gaon of Sura 610-614Maternal grandfather of BustenaiInterpreted dream for Hormuzd, King of Persia, who had slain all living members of the House of David, including the Exilarch Chanina (not to be conf...

Chanina ben Yoezer HaCohen, S'gan haKohanim (c.-50 - 68)

Served in the Second Temple as the 'alternate' or 'assistant' High Priest

Chaninai Achunai bar Hunai HaKohen (c.610 - 689)

Married Adda (or Addoi), daughter of his first cousin Bustenai (Bostenai) the Exilarch, who was a direct patrilineal descendant of King DavidResident of Nehar Pekod

Chiya bar Abba (Rabbah) HaKohen (c.220 - c.295)

chiya bar Huna HaCohen (c.295 - c.380)

Chizkiya ben Garon (Gurion) HaCohen (c.-150 - d.)

A conference (perhaps violent) between Bais Hillel and Bais Shamai was held in his son's attic

Elazar ben Azarya HaKohen (62 - c.132)

10th generation from Ezra Was named Nasi upon the temporary removal of R' Gamliel; served as co-Nasi when R' Gamliel was reinstated He was only 18 years old at that time, but his hair miraculously turn...

Elazar ben Meshulam HaCohen (c.-355 - d.)

He was one of the 15 trumpet-blowers at the ceremony for the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem

Rabbi Eliezer ben Shmuel HaKohen (c.1310 - 1357)

Rav in Mainz

Garon (Gurion) ben Yosi HaCohen (c.-200 - c.-90)

Hilay ben Mari HaKohen (c.730 - 798)

Gaon of Sura 789-798

Rabbi Avraham Hacohen Rafa (deceased)

Huna bar Chanina HaKohen (c.575 - 650)

Gaon of Sura 614-650Native of Nehar PekodHe was the brother of Bustenai's mother

Huna bar Acha (or Achai) HaKohen (c.480 - c.565)

Huna bar Avin HaKohen (c.310 - c.385)

Was known to be an expert on the calendar.In the Talmud Yerushalmi (Rosh Hashana 2:ii), R' Huna is quoted as saying 'when I arrived here (Palestine) from there (Bavel), I saw... That R' Huna was a nati...

Huna bar Ravina HaKohen (c.420 - c.480)

Huna bar Chiya HaKohen (c.250 - 300)

Dean of Pumpedisa academy, 299-300

Idi bar Avin HaCohen (c.330 - c.390)

kahana HaCohen (c.250 - c.320)

levi bar Huna HaCohen (c.290 - c.360)

Mar bar Huna HaKohen (c.510 - 610)

First Gaon in the rebuilt Sura academy (which had been closed through most of the period of Rabbanan Savorai), 591-610

Mari ben Yakov HaKohen (c.700 - 756)

Gaon of Sura 748-756Native of Nehar pekod

Rabbi Meir ben Yaakov HaKohen, of Sura (c.845 - c.900)

Moved from Sura to Eretz Yisrael

Rabbi Meir ben Yehuda HaKohen (c.1220 - c.1280)

Rabbi Meir ben Yehudah HaKohen (c.950 - c.1000)

Meshulam ben Ezra HaCohen (c.-390 - d.)

'Rosh Bais Av' of Ezra's family of kohanim

Rabbi Moshe ben Eliezer HaKohen (c.1350 - c.1415)

circumstantial evidence suggests he is the father of Rabbi Yekutiel Meshulam HaCohen Rappa, the 1st Rapoport

Rabbi Moshe ben Shlomo HaKohen (c.1170 - c.1225)

Rabbi Moshe ben Shlomo HaKohen (c.1120 - c.1170)

Rav in Mainz

Rabbi Moshe HaCohen Rappa, of Porto (c.1420 - 1489)

גבולת בנימין (רפאפורט, בנימין בן שמחה הכהן),עמוד:305היה רופא בעיר ונציה,בעל מידות נעלות--------------------Died: 19 Kislev 5250

Nachman bar Huna HaCohen (c.375 - c.450)

Natronai bar Hilay HaKohen, Gaon of Sura (c.770 - 861)

Gaon of Sura 853-861Natronai Ben Hilai (Hebrew: נטרונאי בן הלאי or Natronai Gaon, Hebrew: נטרונאי גאון; Full name: Natronai ben R. Hilai ben R. Mari) was Gaon of the Sura Academy early in the second ha...

nechemia HaCohen (c.255 - c.325)

NN HaCohen (deceased)

NN HaCohen (deceased)

NN ben Yosef HaCohen (deceased)

Nosson HaCohen (deceased)

pinchas bar Abba HaCohen (c.170 - c.250)

Rabbonai (Bonai) HaCohen (deceased)

Ravina bar Huna HaKohen (c.380 - 475)

Ravina, known as Ravina 'the latter', was the nephew of Ravina the partner of rav Ashi. His mother, the sister of the elder Ravina, died while he was very young, and he was raised by his Uncle Ravina.T...

rochel HaCohen (deceased)

Shimon HaCohen (deceased)

Shimon achi Azarya, ben haSgan HaCohen (b. - c.68)

Rabbi Shlomo ben Avraham HaKohen (c.1095 - c.1140)

Rabbi Shlomo ben Moshe HaKohen (c.1145 - c.1200)

Rav in Mainz

Rabbi Shmuel ben Avraham HaKohen (c.1275 - 1349)

Shmuel (Yarchina'a) bar Abba bar Abba HaKohen (c.165 - 254)

Founder of Nehardea academy. Friend / partner of Rav (Abba Aricha). Studied by R' Yehuda HaNasi but never received ordination. Possessed great knowledge of medicine, and astronomy.

Wife of Yekutiel HaCohen Rappa (deceased)

Rabbi Yakov ben Natronai HaKohen, Gaon of Sura (c.820 - 924)

gaon sura 911-924

Yakov bar Chanania HaKohen (c.675 - 730)

Gaon of Sura 712-730Native of Nehar Pekod

Rabbi Yehuda ben Moshe HaKohen (c.1195 - c.1250)

Rav in Mainz

Rabbi Yehudah ben Meir HaKohen (c.980 - c.1040)

Rav in MainzAuthor of 'sefer hadinim'

Yishmael ben Elazar HaKohen (c.85 - c.170)

Fled from Eretz Yisrael to Bavel after defeat of Bar Kochba in 135

Rabbi Yitzchak ben Avraham HaKohen (c.1040 - c.1080)

Rav in Mainz

Yoezer 'Ish Habira' HaCohen (c.-100 - c.-15)

Served as administrator of the Second Temple (others say he was administrator of the city of Yerushalayim)

Yoezer ben Elazar HaCohen (c.-310 - d.)

Yosef ben Yoezer HaCohen (deceased)

Disinherited his son who went 'off the derech', instead gave a pitcher filled with gold to the Bais haMikdash. The son miraculously found a gem inside a fish, at his wife's suggestion he offered it to ...

Yosi ben Yoezer HaCohen, Ish Tzreida (c.-260 - -191)

Nasi from 211BCE to 161BCE. First of the 'zugos'. Resident of Tzreida.