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Bugsy Siegel MP (1906 - 1947)

Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel (born Benjamin Siegelbaum;[1] February 28, 1906 – June 20, 1947) was an American gangster who was involved with the Genovese crime family. Siegel was a major driving force behin...

Donald Siegel MP (1912 - 1991)

Siegel (October 26, 1912 – April 20, 1991) was an American film director and producer. His name variously appeared in the credits of his films as both Don Siegel and Donald Siegel. He was best known fo...

Dora Gad (Siegel) MP (1912 - 2003)

____________________________________________________________________ Dora Gad (Hebrew דורה גד; b. 1912, d. 31 December 2003) was an Israeli interior designer, whose work had significant influence on th...

Jerry Siegel MP (1914 - 1996)

"Jerry" Siegel (October 17, 1914 – January 28, 1996),[1] who also used pseudonyms including Joe Carter,[2][3] Jerry Ess,[2] and Herbert S. Fine, was the American co-creator of Superman, along with Joe ...

Steven Seagal MP

Steven Seagal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about livi...

Alejandro Sigal (deceased)

Arline Menkis (Siegel) (deceased)

Auguste Polke (Seegall) (1864 - 1942)

Avraham Itzchok Sigalov (c.1855 - d.)

Batia Litman (Sigler) (deceased)

Bluma Lisser (Sigler) (1913 - 2001)

Charlotte Deborah Mayer (Grunberg) (deceased)

Chava Sigal (b. - 1952)

Chaya Tzirel Bleich (deceased)

Tanteh Tzirel is buried in Har Hamenuchot in Yerushalayim in the area of the Belzer Rebbe--across the narrow path from the foot of the kever of Rav Moshe Feinstein. The area can be found by going to th...

Chaytsia Sigalov (Pritsker) (1852 - d.)

Ewa Traunstein Torzinska (סיגל) (deceased)

Ewa and her son Leon - Lochamey Hagetaot Archive Ewa - Lochamey Hagetaot Archive

Froim Sigal (b. - 1918)

Herschel Sigal (deceased)

Israel Dancziger (b. - c.2004)

Jesse Siegel (1914 - 1970)

Joseph Sigler (aft.1845 - 1931)

Immigrated in 1909 with wife from Jaffa (Haifa).Grave links:* Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Sep 23 2018, 5:14:21 UTC

Joseph Sigal (deceased)

Liba Chana Moskowitz (Milgrom) (b. - bef.2013)

Mattisyahu Matityahu Bleich- Sigal (1925 - d.)

Mattisyohu Bleich (1827 - 1899)

Rebbitzen Minka Miriam Unsdorfer (Segal) (1919 - 2011)

Moshe Bleich (deceased)

Naomi Waldman (deceased)

Patricia A. Seagal (Fisher) (1930 - 2003)

פייגא ראניא סג"ל (בלייך סיגל) (1928 - 2008)

Rachel Weingarten (Sigal) (1927 - d.)

Rachel Sigal (Gevirtz) (1938 - 2007)

Samuel Steven Seagal (Siegelman) (1928 - 1991)

Sarah Glassman (deceased)

Simon Gruber (1922 - 2000)

Slomit Shapira (Sigler) (b. - 1940)

Sophie Weinshel (1892 - 1982)

Victor Froimovich Sigal (1918 - 1999)

Yakov Sigalov (c.1828 - d.)

Yehudis Bleich (Kelman) (1866 - c.1941)

yenty judith Potash (Strobel) (deceased)

Yosef Ber Sigalov (1875 - d.)

Yosef Dov Bleich (1891 - 1933)

(sigal) סיגל אברהם (b. - c.1951)

אדלה סיגל (deceased)

אידה סיגל (deceased)

איציק סיגל (deceased)

ברוך סיגל (deceased)

ברכה סיגל-קלוצמן-בר אילן (deceased)

ברנה סיגל (deceased)

ג׳ולי סיגל (deceased)

(סיגל) פוסטרנק דבורה (deceased)

דוד סיגל (deceased)

דויד סיגל (deceased)

(גולדברג) סיגל דורתי (deceased)

הלנה בוטרפס-סיגל (deceased)

וילי סיגל (deceased)

ויליאם סיגל (deceased)

חנה סיגל (זילברמן) (1908 - d.)

טויבא סיגל בלייך (1794 - 1873)

יוסף סיגל (deceased)

יעקב סיגל (deceased)

ישראל סיגל (1911 - d.)

ליבא - (deceased)

מארי סיגל (deceased)

מיריים קלמן (deceased)

(סלדרוביץ) סיגל מירל (deceased)

מרים masha סיגל (Masha Maria) (b. - c.1951)

משה סיגל (deceased)

(סיגל) סגל משה (deceased)

משה סיגל (deceased)

נועמי סיגל (deceased)

נחום סיגל (deceased)

סופיה סיגל (deceased)

(סיגל) סגל פסה (deceased)

(בוכהולץ) סיגל צילה (1919 - 1987)

(זלמן) סיגל ציפורה (ציפי) (deceased)

ראובן סיגל (deceased)

רייזל לבקוביץ (deceased)

ריצ'רד מרטין סיגל (1921 - 1971)

רפאל סיגל (deceased)

שלום סיגל (deceased)

שלמה-חיים סיגל (deceased)

שמואל סיגל (deceased)

שרגא סיגל (deceased)