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Rabbi Arye Leib Teomim, A.B.D. Kreshinov, Leipnik (Kreshov) MP (c.1687 - bef.1740)

Several sources give R' Aryeh Leib Fraenkel-Teomim's death year as 1773 in Leipnik, Moravia. However, given that a grandson born c1740 was named in his honor, his death clearly occurred sometime prior ...

R’ Aryeh Juda Leib Teomim-Pollak (Teomim) MP (1731 - 1796)

R’ Aryeh Juda Leib Teomim-Pollak, aka “Juda Pollak”, “Lobl Pollak”, b. Lissa, 1731, d. in House No. 5, Holesov, 28 Oct 1796, age 65. He was a rabbi and religious leader in Holesov for many years, and r...

R' Aryeh Judah Leib Teomim, A.B.D. Brody MP (1745 - c.1831)

Writer of the book Gur Aryeh Yehuda: book was published in 1826-1827. On page 2 he mentions his wife who passed away and it seems he was quite old then. he is giving a Hascama at the beginning of 1814:

R' Aryeh Judah Leib Teomim (Löbl Zwillinger) (R’ Juda Lisser) (Teomim), A.B.D. Lissa, Loschitz, Holleschau MP (c.1756 - 1794)

R' Aryeh Judah Leib Teomim was born in Lissa, Posen [now Leszno, Poland] about 1756, the son of R' Samuel Teomim (c1729-1794), later A.B.D. Lobsens. He was Av Beit Din (A.B.D.) -- chief rabbinical judg...

Rabbi Baruch Frankel-Teomim, "Baruch Taam" MP (1760 - 1828)

Death record in Leipnik —“18 Jun 1828, Rabbiner Baruch Frankl, age 69”: ben Yehoshua Yechezkel Feivel Fränkel-Te'omim, Boruch Frankel Thumim (1760–1828) was a rabbi, Talmudist at Vishnitsa, Austrian Ga...

Beile Frankel-Teomim (Wahl) MP (c.1610 - c.1669)

fille de Rav Meir Wahl Katzenellenbogen 1565-1630 et de Hinda Hindel Katzenellenbogen (Horowitz)née en 1608 pour Ofir Friedman? vers 1592 pour Vera Susan Meran? === GEDCOM Note ===Source : David Solomo...

Beile Heschel (Teomim) MP (c.1686 - d.)

The Jacobi Papers, p. 343, state that she was married to R' Issachar Baer Heschel-Babad as his second wife. But this is impossible, given that he was born in 1630 and died in September 1690. It is like...

Bela Heller Wallerstein MP (b. - c.1615)

On page 517 Bernhard Wachstein, Inschriften etc., writes that Bela´s tombstone was at his time already hardly readable, but that her death must have been ca. 1615.In Wachstein I, p. 531, Wachstein corr...

Rabbi Chaim Yona Frankel-Teomim (Teomim), II MP (c.1684 - 1727)

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.41913--1990- The Eger Family Association- אילן ב הרב הגאון ר' חיים יונה תאומים אבד"ק ברעסלויא

Channa Teomim (Harif) MP (c.1692 - bef.1764)

The wife of R' Joseph Teomim, was "the daughter of R. Moses Phineas Harif" who was married to "R. Joseph Teomim". However, in "The Unbroken Chain" and in other sources, she is confused with the wife of...

Chaya Bochner (Fraenkel-Teomim) MP (c.1692 - c.1761)

"Die Familie Teomim", by Leopold Lowenstein: "A daughter was married to R. Salomon, rabbi in Pintschow (1742) and Neufeld (d. c1761).... Their son Zbi Hirsch, son-in-law of Chajim Jona Teomim II , was ...

Deborah Teomim (Saba) MP (1660 - d.)

see: Tilla LOEW daughter of Maharal descendants see: Deborah LEIB daughter of Rabbi Arie LEIB of Krakow grandson of the Maharal of Prague

R' Efraim Thumim (Frankel-Teomim), A.B.D. Krystynopol, Poland MP (b. - 1879)

רבי אפרים תאומים אבד קריסנאפלי, זוגתו מרת אסתר בת רבי יהושע יהודה הלברטל אב"ד ברסטיציקא. נפטר תרל"ט

R' Yechezkia Yehoshua Feivel Teomim, ABD Przemysl MP (c.1654 - c.1733)

NOTE by researcher, Robert Hanscom (11 January 2020): despite several sources indicating that R' Ezekiel Joshua Feiwel Teomim died in 1725 or 1726, he was still alive (a) at the death of his son, R' Ch...

Gütl Frankel-Teomim (HaLevi) MP (1776 - 1808)

Lipnik nad Becvou death record — “ Gütl Frankel, age 32, d. House No. 38, Leipnik, 19 Nov 1808” —

R' Haim Jonah Teomim MP (c.1738 - d.)

Rabbi Isaac Joshua Heschel (Teomim), ABD Breslau and Vilna MP (1693 - 1749)

see: Deborah LEIB daughter of Rabbi Arie LEIB of Krakow grandson of the Maharal of Prague

Jocheved Rivka (Rebecca) Frankel-Teomim (Parnas) MP (1761 - 1805)

Lipnik nad Becvou death record: “Rifka Frankel, age 44, d. House No. 38, 28 May 1805” — of the first wife of R'Chaim Halberstam, The founder of the Sanz Hassidic Dynasties

Rabbi Yona Frankel Teomim, the "Kikayon DeYonah" MP (1596 - 1669)

Wikipedia: Jonah Teomim-Frankel & יונה תאומים-פרנקל .Rabbi Johnah Theomim (1595 - 16 April 1669) was the author of the noted work on Talmudic commentary " Kikayon D'yonah " (edited in Amsterdam 1690 by...

Rabbi Joseph (“Joske”) Frankel-Teomim, A.B.D. Cracow MP (c.1695 - 1758)

R Joseph [Joske] Fraenkel-Teomim, A.B.D. Krakow, was born in Zulz [Poland], c1695, the son of R Yechezkiel Shraga Yehoshua Feiwel Fraenkel-Teomim (c1654-c1733) and his wife, Perl (Leib) Teomim (1666-17...

R' Joseph Chaim Teomim, A.B.D. Ostrowiec, Swietokrzyski & Lublin MP (c.1714 - 1782)

R' Joseph Yosef Frankel-Teomim, A.B.D. Bursztyn MP (1750 - 1825)

see page 8 in the new Machon Yerushalayim edition of Nachalas Yaakov

Rabbi Markus (Meir) Teomim-Zwillinger-Lissa-Pollak (Teomim) MP (1732 - 1794)

R' Markus [Meir] Teomim was born in Lissa, Posen [now Leszno, Poland] in 1732. By the late 1780s, he is seen residing in Holesov, Moravia where he died in household #7 on 13 Oct 1794, age 62.In Holesov...

R' Michael (Jechiel) Teomim-Zwillinger (Teomim) MP (c.1735 - bef.1789)

He went from Lissa to Moravia where he was a rabbi, then from there to Bohemia. On 8 Oct 1784, he witnessed the marriage of his son, Moises, to Ewa Teomim-Pollak (in Holesov). Hebrew writing next to hi...

Rabbi Mordechai (Markus) Teomim,(Parnas of Kalisz) MP (c.1717 - d.)

He was known to have been a grandson of R' Yechezkia Yehoshua Feivel Fraenkel-Teomim (c1654-c1733). This source establishes that R' Mordechai's father was R' Aryeh Leib Teomim [the second son of R' Yec...

Rabbi Moses Ahron Teomim-Fraenkel (Teomim) MP (c.1530 - bef.1600)

"Die Familie Teomim", by Leopold Lowenstein: "Moshe Aron Lamel Teomim Frankel in Prague, nicknamed Aron Munk, who died around the middle of the 16th century; his wife Rifka Stern was the daughter of Is...

Rabbi Moshe Fraenkel-Teomim, ABD Moravian province MP (b. - 1639)

Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien by dr. Bernhard Wachstein- I Teil - No. 244 page 190, page 104, 416 a Martyr From "Tiferes Aryeh"AB"D Mehrin

R' Nathan Veitel Teomim, A.B.D. of Worms and then Vienna MP (b. - 1630)

מגלות היוחסין של משפחות יהודיות הונגריות- כרך ראשון עורך- מונקאטשי pg. 151-153"Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band I, by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein-no. 148was also Rabbi at Worms Neil...

Nechama Ashkenazi (Teomim) MP (c.1563 - 1601)

Eger Family Association- pg. 3כתובות בית העלמין היהודי בפראג- page 294

Pearl Frankel-Teomim (Kloisner) MP (1666 - 1722)

Jacobi, vol 4, page 241, 12.7 says:Perl I (b. R. Arye-Leib (b) Zeharya) Fischels, see KLAUSNER 11.6 (d. Breslau 1722; Kaufmann, 1.c.)). Her father had been de facto ABD Vienna and finally became ABD Cr...

R' Joshua Heschel Frankel-Teomim, A.B.D. Komarno MP (1780 - 1843)

הרב יהושע העשיל תאומים-פרענקל (ה'תק"ם - ה' תמוז ה'תר"ג) מ קאמארנאנפטר ה' תמוז ה'תר"ג

Rachel Feige Halberstam [Divrei Chaim 1st wife] (Frankel-Teomim) MP (c.1791 - 1845)

R'Chaim HALBERSTAM the Rebbe of Sanz and Rachel Feige (his first wife) (Frenkel-Teomim) had 8? children: 5 sons and 3? daughters.1. Reitze HALBERSTAM m. 1855 Rabbi Mordechai Dov TWERSKI (b. 20 Sep. 183...

Rachel Heller (Ashkenazi) MP (1580 - 1654)

97 hazakineh harabbanit Rechel e' haGaon Lipman Heller haLevi 1654 (Footnote: Pinchas Horwitz m'Krakau was her great-uncle according to Gal-Ed p. 67)RACHEL HELLER (ASHKENAZI) daughter of MOSES AARON (1...

Raizel Maor Katan (Theomim Munk) MP (1593 - 1665)

"Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band I, by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein-no. 600"Die Familie Wolf" - by Ernst Wolf 1924pg.111מגלות היוחסין של משפחות יהודיות הונגריות- כרך ראשון עורך- מונ...

Rivkah Teomim (Horowitz) MP (c.1535 - 1572)

Megillat Eivah which is written in Rashi script: “....from the mouth of a great man of the holy community of Krakau, one of the princes of Israel, wise in Torah and worldly? things? manhig and one of t...

Roesel Teomim-Heschel (Mirels Fränkel) MP (c.1699 - 1764)

see: Deborah LEIB daughter of Rabbi Arie LEIB of Krakow grandson of the Maharal of Prague

R' Salomon Teomim-Zwillinger MP (1767 - 1829)

(Rabbi) Salomon Teomim-Zwillinger, b. Lissa, 1767, son of R' Meir [Markus] Teomim-Zwillinger, d. in Brausberg, 16 Jun 1829, age 62. He lived for a period of time in Sviadnov [Swadnow / Swadnof], Moravi...

Rabbi Saul Babad Teomim MP (c.1655 - 1707)

rabbi of Cracow from 1700 to 1704see: Deborah LEIB daughter of Rabbi Arie LEIB of Krakow grandson of the Maharal of Prague

Wife of R' Chezekiah (Ezekiel) Feiwel Frankel-Teomim (HaLevi) MP (1732 - 1771)

R' Ezekiel Feiwel (Joshua Feiwel) Frankel-Teomim, A.B.D. Ostrovitz MP (c.1735 - 1771)

At the beginning of the 18th century, Rabbi Yechezkel Yehoshua Feivel Teomim Frankel served as a rabbi in Rzeszow. He was a rabbi in Przemysl prior to accepting the post in Rzeszow.from: The History of...

Moharar Yishaiah/Isaiah Fraenkel-Teomim MP (c.1570 - 1638)

Isaiah Teomim is the son of Aaron Moses Teomim and Rebecca Israel Halevi HorowitzHe is the father of Jonas Teomim, chief rabbi in Metz, died in Metz on April 16, 1669, and married to Beile Wahl, daught...

Frankel-Teomim (Kolhary?) (deceased)

Fraenkel-Teomim (deceased)

(stillborn daughter) Zwillinger (1870 - 1870)

(unidentified daughter) Zwillinger (c.1795 - d.)

(unidentified daughter) Zwillinger (1798 - d.)

(unidentified son) Zwillinger (c.1830 - d.)

(wife’s name unknown) Zwillinger (deceased)

(wife’s name unknown) Teomim (deceased)

(wife’s name unknown) Zwillinger (deceased)

(wife’s name unknown) Teomim (deceased)

1st wife Yona Fraenkel Teomim (deceased)

3 Daughters Hakohen (Fraenkel Teomim) (deceased)

??.... פרנקל תאומים (deceased)

Aaron Frankel Teumim (b. - 1965)

Abraham Leib Zwillinger (1804 - 1880)

Abraham Leib Zwillinger was the son of R' Salomon ["Simcha"] Nathan Teomim-Zwillinger and his second wife Rebeka. He was born in Sokal and lived there into adulthood before later moving to nearby Tarta...

Abraham Zwillinger (c.1847 - d.)

Abraham Pollak (1763 - 1791)

Abraham Leib Zwillinger (1881 - d.)

R' Abraham Jonah Teomim-Frankel (c.1680 - d.)

According to “The Unbroken Chain” [by Rosenstein], pg. 244, Abraham was “mentioned in the introduction of ‘Dvar Moshe’ by R’ Moses, son of R’ Ephraim Teomim.”

Adolf Zwillinger (1864 - 1919)

Adolf [Abraham] Zwillinger, b. Miskolc, 1 Jan 1864, [not 21 Apr 1854] “son of Jakob Zwillinger and Fani (Bek)”, died in Budapest, 1919, age 55. Budapest Grave: “Adolf Zwillinger, 1864-1919”. He was m. ...

Agnes Zwillinger (Gesler) (1844 - 1872)

Anna Zwillinger (1867 - 1869)

Anna Teomim (1789 - 1830)

Anna Jullowitz (Kohn) (1813 - d.)

Anna (Chaja) Jullowitz (Hertzek) (1763 - 1846)

Anna Zwillinger (c.1814 - d.)

Anna Zwillinger (Eisler) (c.1807 - 1892)

Aron Teomim (deceased)

Aron Teomim (c.1725 - 1797)

Aron Teomim, b. Prague, c1725, was the son of Jonas Teomim. He and two younger brothers, David and Moises Gerson, all lived in Holesov, occupying House #29 in the Jewish section of that town. Aron was ...

Auguste Stross (Zwillinger) (1868 - d.)

R' Avraham Thumim, A.B.D. Krystynopol (1873 - d.)

His birth was recorded in Wielkie Oczy, Poland, when his father was the rabbi of Krystynopol (now Chervonohrad).

Avraham Moshe Benjamin Rabinowitz-Teomim (1879 - 1962)

married his cousin

R' Avraham Thumim, A.B.D. Zhorov, Buczacz and then Kamenets (deceased)

of responsa, Chesed LeAvraham , which was published in Lvov in 1857 and 1898.

Avrohom Frankel Teumim (deceased)

Azriel Benjamin Rabinowitz (c.1872 - 1879)

אך גדול הבנים, עזריאל בנימין, סבל ממחושי רגליים. רבנו תלה בו תקוות רבות. היה הילד מדבר רק בדברי-תורה וזהיר במצוות לפליאת כל רואיו. מרגשים וקורעי לב תיאורי האדר"ת בשורות ארוכות את פלאי התנהגות ילדו כל י...

Babetta Zwillinger (1835 - d.)

Barbara Landsmann (Zwillinger) (1826 - 1859)

Barbara [Babette] [“Betti”] Zwillinger, b. Zsambek, 1826, died in Pest, 29 Dec 1859, age 33. She went to Pest in the late 1840s with her brother Jakob. In 1848, she gave birth to an out-of-wedlock daug...

Bathsheba Sarah Rivka Alta Kook (Rabinowitz) (1867 - 1889)

מגילות יחש של משפחת יפה- צבי יפה 1996/ גניגר ישראל עמוד 10 א

Batsheva Walfus (Teomim) (deceased)

"She was married to a sickly person that declared he is giving her a divorced (Get) in the condition that if he’ll get well they will remarry. Although he became healthy he decided to enforce the Get. ...

Bella Teomim (deceased)

Benjamin Rabinowitz (1869 - c.1971)

Bernhard Zwillinger (1837 - d.)

Bernhard Zwillinger, b. Hotzenplotz, 25 Sep 1837, was the son of Jacob and Anna (Eisler) Zwillinger. He was “of Troppau” when he m. in Osoblaha, 25 Feb 1873, Theresia [“Rosi”] Singer of Weisskirchen. T...

Betti Reti (Zwillinger) (1862 - 1924)

birth: ZWILLINGER, Beti 10-Jun-1862 F Jak. BEK Fani Miskolc/1862-095 Miskolc Borsod Miskolc LDS 0642772, Vol. 13death: [“Betti”] Zwillinger, b. Miskolc, 10 Jun 1862, “dau of Jakob Zwillinger and Fani ...

Berthold Zwillinger (1873 - d.)

Betti Jullowitz (1840 - d.)

אלתר בנימין צבי יהודה רבינוביץ תאומים (1899 - 1974)

Bracha Friedman (Frankel Teumim) (1908 - 2004)

Chaim Yissochor Frankel (deceased)

Chaim? Frankel-Teomim (deceased)

FREYLICH Not Teomim!!!son of x Leybel FREYLICH 1783 - 1850 #135| m:Chaje Reisel KOLHARY 1783-85| ! married Nov 1, 1801| !o Sussel FREYLICH Nov 14, 1802| !x Chaim FREYLICH Jan 30, 1806| ! m:Sara FISZLOW...

Channa Pollak (Teomim-Pollak) (c.1768 - d.)

Chasa Yocheved Weber (Frankel-Teomim) (c.1860 - 1933)

Chaya Frankel-Teomim (Lorberbaum) (deceased)

Chaya רובינויץ (תאומים-פרנקל) (deceased)

Chaya Sheindel Klagsbrun (Frankel-Teomim) (deceased)

Chaya Ushpizai (Frankel) (1910 - 1964)

Ciril Zwillinger (1791 - d.)

Daughter of R. Yahr Thumim (Yahr) (deceased)

David Teomim (1730 - 1799)

David Teomim, b. Prague, 1730, son of Jonas, died in House No. 29 in Holesov, 16 Jan 1799, age 68.

David Teomim (c.1697 - d.)