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Roy Chapman Andrews MP (1884 - 1960)

Roy Chapman Andrews was an American explorer, adventurer and naturalist who became the director of the American Museum of Natural History. He is primarily known for leading a series of expeditions thro...

Yoson An MP

Yoson An (Chinese: 安柚鑫; born June 23, 1992) is a Macanese-New Zealander actor and filmmaker.

安氏 (1577 - 1620)

安氏 (deceased)

安氏 (deceased)

【(直隸獻縣)】 安氏 (deceased)

【(山東日照)】 安氏 (deceased)

安氏 (deceased)

An Shi of Wang Zhi) 安氏(王志母) (deceased)

An Shi of Wang Zhi) 安氏(王志母)

An Shi of Zhao Zhong Fei ) 安氏(趙仲騑妻) (1037 - 1092)

An Shi of Zhao Zhong Fei ) 安氏(趙仲騑妻)

安氏 (deceased)

安氏 (deceased)

安氏 (deceased)

安氏 (deceased)

Ahn Ch'ŏho 안 처호 安 處豪 (c.1475 - d.)

Antai Yehe Nara (deceased)

Robert Hatfield Ellsworth (1929 - 2014)

Robert Hatfield Ellsworth was a Manhattan-based American art dealer of Asian paintings and furniture from the Ming dynasty. His art collection can be found in museums in the United States. He was a sup...

Song An Chao 趙 崇 安 (deceased)

An Shitong 安世通 (deceased)

An Shitong 安世通

安世進 (deceased)

An Bing 安丙 (1148 - 1221)

An Bing 安丙

【(直隸獻縣)】 安五占 (deceased)

【(直隸獻縣)】 安五章 (deceased)

安仙嬪 (deceased)

【(贵州六盘水)】 安伯英 (deceased)

An Jun 安俊 (deceased)

An Jun 安俊

【(胡氏)】 安保 (deceased)

An Baoheng 安保衡 (deceased)

An Baoheng 安保衡

An Xinzhi 安信之 (deceased)

An Xinzhi 安信之 [24946] Yuanfu coalition. CBD, 1, 553. — RMH

【(贵州六盘水)】 安克庚 (字仲英) (b. - c.1950)

An Quanqing 安全慶 (deceased)

An Quanqing 安全慶 [29035] CHECK funerary inscriptions of grandson, Tao [29030], and great grandsons, Song [29029] and Yun [29031]. — RMH

An Liu 安劉 (deceased)

An Liu 安劉

An Ji 安吉 (deceased)

An Ji 安吉

【(杭阿坦)】 安吉達 (圖喀達) (deceased)

【(瓜爾佳)】 安和 (deceased)

和 [Aisin Gioro] (deceased)

【(直隸獻縣)】 安國維 (deceased)

【(愛新覺羅)】 安圖 (1684 - 1726)

【(佟佳)】 安圖 (b. - 1754)

正藍旗滿洲 湖北布政使

【(覺羅)】 安圖 (1649 - 1714)

圖 Heseri (deceased)

An Tan 安坦 (deceased)

An Tan 安坦 [29038] CHECK funerary inscription of father, Xi(2) [29005], drafted by Su(1) Tianjue. — RMH

An Yaochen 安堯臣 (deceased)

An Yaochen 安堯臣 [13310] He memorialized against the policy of Cai(1) Jing [1649] and Tong(2) Guan [8124] that Song and Jin make a treaty to attack the Khitan. At the time, Huizong agreed with Yaochen, w...

An Ji 安塈 (deceased)

An Ji 安塈 An(1) Gai [29037] WDY, 1, p. 297. — RMH

【(郭絡羅)】 安塔穆 (deceased)

【(博爾濟吉特)】 安塔阿尤西 (deceased)

An Yong 安墉 (deceased)

An Yong 安墉 [29039] CHECK funerary inscription of father, Xi(2) [29005], drafted by Su(1) Tianjue. Not listed in inscription drafted by Yuan(1) Jue. — RMH

An Shou 安壽 (deceased)

An Shou 安壽

【(愛新覺羅)】 安壽 (deceased)

【(山東日照)】 安大任 (deceased)

【(山東日照)】 安大從 (deceased)

【(山東日照)】 安大椿 (deceased)

安天連 (deceased)

【(輝發那拉)】 安太 (deceased)

太奶奶 安 (deceased)

太爷爷 安 (deceased)

An Rushan 安如山 (deceased)

An Rushan 安如山

An Ziye 安子野 (deceased)

An Ziye 安子野

An Shoulang 安守亮 (deceased)

An Shoulang 安守亮

An Shouzhong 安守忠 (932 - 1000)

An Shouzhong 安守忠

An Zongshi 安宗奭 (deceased)

An Zongshi 安宗奭

An Zongshuo 安宗說 (deceased)

An Zongshuo 安宗說

An Shi 安實 (deceased)

An Shi 安實 本姓袁,長吉曾孫,易今姓。

【(高佳)】 安寧 (deceased)


An Ning 安寧 (deceased)

An Ning 安寧 [29043] CHECK funerary inscription for grandfather, Yun [29031]. — RMH

【(瓜爾佳)】 安寧 (deceased)

【(烏拉納喇)】 安寧 (deceased)

An Shenqi 安審琦 (deceased)


An Baosun 安寶孫 (deceased)

An Baosun 安寶孫

【(山東日照)】 安峋 (deceased)

An Chongxun 安崇勳 (deceased)

An Chongxun 安崇勳 [22536] SS, 255.5a. — RMH

【(覺羅)】 安崇阿 (deceased)

【(山東日照)】 安嵃 (deceased)

【(山東日照)】 安嶙 (deceased)

【(薩克達)】 安巴費揚武 (deceased)

【(博爾濟吉特)】 安布 (b. - 1645)

【(馬佳)】 安布祿 (deceased)

【(張佳)】 安常 (deceased)

【(富察)】 安常 (五橋) (deceased)

道光甲辰翻譯舉人 乙巳翻譯進士

安幸生 (deceased)

【(章佳)】 安度 (deceased)

安廣涵 (deceased)

An Yantao 安延韜 (deceased)


【(翁牛特)】 安德 (deceased)

An Deyu 安德裕 (940 - 1002)

An Deyu 安德裕

【(富察)】 安志 (deceased)

正白旗滿洲 道光己亥舉人

安志義 (deceased)

An Zhong 安忠 (934 - 997)

An Zhong 安忠 [25156] Kinship with Xi [25157] based on shared generational name of Xi's son, Weiyan [25158] and Zhong's grandson, Weiqing [25159]. Zhong served Zhao(1) Taizong [9002] when he was a milita...

安恂 (deceased)

An Gongxing 安恭行 (deceased)

An Gongxing 安恭行

An Dun 安惇 (1042 - 1104)

An Dun 安惇 [1] Fang's [2] father. XCB, 362.14b, SS; 471.21a, 22a. DDSL, 97.6b. CBD, 1, 548-9. — RMH

An Weiqing 安惟慶 (deceased)

An Weiqing 安惟慶 [25159] CBD, 1, 553. — RMH

An Weiyan 安惟演 (deceased)

An Weiyan 安惟演 [25158] See documentation for son-in-law, Zhao(1) Shimi(3) [25162].[Kinship with Zhong is not yet checked. 與安忠的親戚關係未考。] — RMH

【(庫雅拉)】 安惠 (deceased)

【(那拉)】 安慶 (deceased)

慶 [Aisin Gioro] (deceased)

An Huaizheng 安懷正 (deceased)

An Huaizheng 安懷正 [25160] See documentation for grandson-in-law, Zhao(1) Zhongfei [25163]. — RMH

【(多拉爾)】 安成 (deceased)

安承教 (deceased)

An Chengyou 安承祐 (deceased)

An Chengyou 安承祐 An(1) Chengyu [25161] See documentation for son-in-law, Zhao(1) Zhongfei [25163]. — RMH