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Elizabeth Abercromby of Carse MP (deceased)

James Abercromby (Abercrombie), SV/PROG MP (1798 - 1870)

From ScotlandsPeople: Birth record listing: ABERCROMBIE, JAMES; (parents) ALEXANDER ABERCROMBIE/ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM FRMR4-30 (FR226); M; (DOB) 08/10/1798; (parish no.) 685/1; (ref) 400 0; (parish) E...

Lieutenant-General Rt Hon Sir Ralph Abercromby MP (1734 - 1801)

Sir Ralph Abercromby KB (sometimes spelt Abercrombie) (7 October 1734 – 28 March 1801) was a Scottish soldier and politician. He rose to the rank of lieutenant-general in the British Army, was noted ...

... Abercromby MP (1640 - 1697)


Adele Wilhelmina Abercromby (von Heidenstern) MP (deceased)

Agnes Abercromby (Drummond) MP (deceased)

Agnes Abercromby MP (deceased)

Aletta Elizabeth Abercromby, b1 MP (1821 - 1875)


Alexander Abercromby MP (deceased)

Alexander Abercromby, of Birkenbog MP (deceased)

Alexander Abercromby MP (deceased)

Alexander Abercromby MP (deceased)

Colonel Alexander Abercromby MP (1784 - 1853)

) Colonel Alexander Abercromby (1784–1853) was a senior British Army officer and latterly for a short time a Member of Parliament. Alexander Abercromby was the youngest son of Sir Ralph Abercromb...

Alexander Abercromby, Lord Abercromby MP (1745 - 1795)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " Alexander Abercromby, Lord Abercromby FRSE (1745–1795) was a Scottish advocate, judge and essayist... ...Abercromby was born in Clackmannanshire on 15 October 1745,...

Alexander Abercromby, b3 MP (1838 - 1904)

Doctor of Medicine (University of Edinburgh,1860); Licentiate of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (1860); Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (Feb 3rd, 1883 - see Sour...

Alexander Abercromby (Abercrombie) MP (1758 - 1804)

From ScotlandsPeople website - birth record: ABERCROMBIE, ALEXANDER; (parents) HENRY ABERCROMBIE/MARGARET URE FR1137 (FR1137); M; (d.o.b.) 05/02/1758; (parish no.) 488/; (ref.) 30 293; (parish) St Nini...

Alexander Abercromby, 2nd of Glasshaugh MP (1656 - c.1691)

Alexander Abercromby MP (c.1650 - d.)

Alexander Abercromby MP (c.1677 - c.1738)

Alexander Abercromby MP (c.1677 - c.1738)

Alexander Abercrombie (Abercromby) MP (deceased)

Alexandra Shirreff Abercromby MP (c.1868 - d.)

Allen Carswel Abercromby MP (1862 - 1904)

Master Andrew Abercromby MP (deceased)

M[ASTE]R ANDREW ABERCROMBY Mr. Andrew Abercromby married Agnes Crichton, the widow of William Ruthven of Ballindean. The Scots Peerage, Volume IV, p. 101

Anne Cameron (Abercromby) MP (1775 - 1844)

Aubrey Frere Abercromby MP (1889 - 1937)

Barbara Stevens (Abercromby) MP (b. - 2010)

Beatrice Janet Temple Abercromby (Frere) MP (b. - 1909)

Catharine Innes (Abercromby) MP (deceased)

Catherine Abercromby MP (b. - 1841)

Cavendish Douglas Abercromby MP (1858 - 1941)

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Charles Abercromby (Gordon) MP (deceased)

Constance Helena Abercromby MP (b. - 1872)

David James Abercromby MP (1837 - 1918)

Diamond Evelyn Violet Abercromby (Hardinge) MP (1900 - 1927)

Donald Cameron (Abercromby), 23rd Chief (10th of Lochiel) MP (1796 - 1858)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ed . London : Harrison 1879. Vol I. page 253 July 31, 1832 married Lady Vere Catherine L...

Doris Helena Abercromby (Oldaker) MP (deceased)

Douglas Charles Abercromby MP (1860 - 1915)

Eddie Abercromby MP (deceased)

Edla Louisa Montague Nasos (Abercromby) MP (1877 - d.)

Elda Louisa Montague Abercromby MP (1877 - d.)

Elizabeth Abercromby MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Baird (Abercromby) MP (c.1687 - 1756)

Elizabeth Abercromby d. 12 April 1756 Elizabeth Abercromby was the daughter of Alexander Abercromby, 2nd of Glasshaugh. She married William Baird, son of James Baird of Auchmedden, younger and ...

Elizabeth Agnes Farquhar-Spottiswood (Abercromby) MP (b. - 1929)

Elizabeth Baird (Abercromby) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Abercromby MP (deceased)

Ellen Abercromby MP (deceased)

Elsie Douglas Abercromby MP (b. - 1961)

Elspeth Haig (Abercromby) MP (deceased)

Ernest Abercromby MP (1899 - 1962)

Esther Susanna Constance Bailey (Abercromby) MP (1866 - 1937)

Found information via NAAIRS in the Cape Town Archives Repository showing that Esther, or "Connie", as she signed herself, must have married Dr Bailey after the death of her first husband, PA Myburgh. ...

Esther Susanna Abercromby (Esterhuyzen) MP (b. - c.1929)

Estate papers located via NAAIRS: DEPOT KAB SOURCE MOOC TYPE LEER VOLUME_NO 6/9/3631 SYSTEM 01

Eva Winifred Abercromby (Wright) MP (deceased)

Fanny Mary Anne Abercromby (Udale-Smith) MP (deceased)

Frances Emily Forbes-Sempill (Abercromby) MP (b. - 1887)

Frances Emily Abercromby MP (b. - 1887)

Francis Abercromby MP (1675 - 1703)

George Ralph Abercromby, 3rd Baron Abercromby MP (1800 - 1852)

George Ralph Campbell Abercromby, 3rd Baron Abercromby (30 May 1800 – 25 June 1852) was a Scottish soldier, politician and peer. The son of George Abercromby, 2nd Baron Abercromby and Hon. Montague D...

George Abercromby, 2nd Baron Abercromby MP (1770 - 1843)

George Abercromby, 2nd Baron Abercromby (14 October 1770 – 15 February 1843) was a Scottish lawyer, politician and peer. The eldest son of Lt.-Gen. Sir Ralph Abercromby and Mary Abercromby, 1st Baron...

George Ralph Abercromby, 4th Baron Abercromby MP (1838 - d.)

George Abercromby, 2nd of Tullibody MP (c.1710 - 1800)

Sir George William Abercromby of Birkenbog, 8th Baronet MP (1886 - 1964)

Succeeded to the title of 8th Baronet Abercromby, of Birkenbog, co. Banff [N.S., 1636] on 24 July 1895, and 'of Forglen House, co. Banff' Educated at Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England Fough...

George Cosmo Abercromby MP (1854 - 1930)

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Sir George Samuel Abercromby of Birkenbog, 6th Baronet MP (1824 - 1872)

Biographical Summary " Sir George Samuel Abercromby, Baronet [S 1636] of Birkenbog and Forglen House , son and heir, born 22 May 1824; succeeded to the Baronetcy, 8 July 1835. He married 12 June 1849...

George Abercromby MP (deceased)

George Henry Abercromby MP (deceased)

Gladys Vivian Abercromby (Boileau) MP (b. - 1931)

Grace Amelia Abercromby MP (deceased)

Grizel Abercromby MP (deceased)

Hector Abercromby, of Westhall MP (deceased)

Helen Louisa Abercromby (Hodges Murray) MP (c.1863 - 1933)

Helen Magdalena Abercromby MP (c.1868 - d.)

Helen Abercromby (Meldrum) MP (deceased)

Helen Abercromby (Meldrum) MP (deceased)

Henry Abercromby MP (deceased)

Henry Abercromby of Kersie MP (deceased)

Hilda Bricket Abercromby (Sandys) MP (deceased)

Hon. Robert Abercromby Abercromby MP (deceased)

Isabel Patricia Gilchrist Rodmell (Abercromby) MP (1901 - 1977)

J. Abercromby MP (deceased)

Sir James Abercrombie, of Tullibody MP (aft.1668 - 1734)

Born in 1668 in Fife, Scotland, the 2nd Baronet of Birkenbog in Banffshire, Scotland. In 1705 in Fife, Scotland, he married Mary Gordon , who was born in Stralock, Scotland in 1687, daughter of Sir A...

James Alexander Abercromby MP (1915 - 2008)

James Abercromby, 1st Baron Dunfermline MP (1776 - 1858)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary James Abercromby, 1st Baron Dunfermline PC (7 November 1776 – 17 April 1858), was a British barrister and Whig politician. He served as Speaker of the House of Commons ...

James Abercromby, b2 MP (1830 - 1871)

See father's profile for further information about the family and spelling of the name. According to information received from Edinburgh University Library, James Jr wrote the following thesis, held ...

James Henry Abercromby, Ralph MP (1903 - 1941)

James Alexander Abercromby MP (1875 - d.)

James Abercromby MP (deceased)

James Abercromby MP (deceased)

James Abercromby MP (deceased)

James A Abercromby MP (bef.1959 - d.)

James Henry Victor Ralph Abercromby MP (1903 - d.)

James III Abercromby MP (deceased)

Janet Colquhoun (Abercromby) MP (b. - 1844)

Janet Abercromby MP (deceased)

Jean Abercromby MP (1575 - bef.1639)

Joan Eileen Abercromby MP (deceased)

Johana Adriana Wood (Abercromby), Elizabeth MP (1931 - 1990)

Anne Abercromby MP (1901 - 1961)

John Abercromby, 5th Baron Abercromby MP (1841 - 1924)

John Abercromby, 5th Baron Abercromby From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search John Abercromby, 5th Baron Abercromby (15 January 1841 – 7 October 1924) was a Scottish sold...

General Hon. Sir John Abercromby, GCB MP (1772 - 1817)

General Sir John Abercromby or Abercrombie GCB (2 April 1772 – 14 February 1817) served as a British soldier. The second son of Sir Ralph Abercromby, he entered the army in 1786 as an ensign in the 7...