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Abramovici (deceased)

Abraham Adolf Mutu Abramovici (b. - 1941)

בעל מסעדה ידועה בשם LA MUTU ברחוב LAPUSNIANU A ש...

? Abramovici (deceased)

? Abramovici (deceased)

? Abramovici (deceased)

? Abramovici (deceased)

Aaron (Ike) (Ike) Abramovici (Wexler) (1883 - 1972)

Abraham Abramovici (deceased)

Adela (Abramovici) Zarafu (1904 - 1989)

Adela Abramovici (Leibovici) (1905 - 2000)

Aizic Abramovici Cojocaru (deceased)

Albert Abramovici (deceased)

Alexander Abramovici (deceased)

Amalia Abramovici - Dimonte (deceased)

Ana Abramovici (deceased)

Ana Abramovici (Pschater) (c.1893 - c.1941)

Aneta Abramovici (deceased)

Aneta Abramovici (1906 - 1987)

Anette Abramovici (Bercovici) (deceased)

Anna Lauer (Abramovici) (deceased)

Arie Abramovici (deceased)

According to Yael Nadav, December 28th, 2007: Emmigrated to America, became a journalist and author. His wife [name unknown] was an active member of Haddasa Women Organization. His daughter Judit...

Arie-Leib Abramovici (deceased)

According to Yael Nadav, December 28th, 2007: Fled Ukraine with his first wife [name unknown] to avoid military service in the Russian Tsar's Army. Rabbi and Av Bet Din [יית&#x...

Arik Abramovici (1968 - 2016)

Aron Naky Abramovici (deceased)

Arthur Abramovici (deceased)

Arturo Abramovici (deceased)

Asher Zeilig Abramovici (1904 - c.1972)

Avraham Abramovici (deceased)

Avraham Abramovici (deceased)

Avraham Abramovici Rosen (deceased)

Avraham ABRAMOVICI (1843 - 1924)


Avraham Meir Abramovici (1860 - 1922)

Avram Abramovici (deceased)

Avrum Abramovici Abramovici (deceased)

BALIMA Abramovici (deceased)

Bat Sheva Abramovici (deceased)

Bat-Sheva Abramovici (deceased)

Becky Gross (Abramovici) (deceased)

Bela Abramovici (deceased)

Ben Zion Abramovici (deceased)

According to Yael Nadav, December 28th, 2007: Emmigrated to America. Became a lawyer.

Bernard Abramovici (deceased)

Bernard Abramovici (b. - 1962)

Beti Abramovici (Marcus) (deceased)

Betty Abramovici (Bernstein) (c.1874 - c.1916)

Betty Abramovici (deceased)

Bianca Bratu (Abramovici) (c.1923 - 1977)

blima abramovici (deceased)

Buiu Abramovici (deceased)

Bumtiu Abramovici (deceased)

Carolina Abramovici (1919 - 2007)

Caroline (Babe) Kahane (Abramovici) (c.1850 - c.1935)

Babe serait décédée chez son fils Albert dans les années 1930. Acte de décès non trouvé à la mairie de Paris 19°.

Cecilia (Tzutzi ) Abramovici (1920 - 1990)

Celika Cecilia Tilli Segal-Abramovici (Segall) (1901 - 1945)


Clara Abramovici (Mosezon) (1911 - 1968)

Clara Schlesinger (Abramovici) (deceased)

Clarissa Ben-Yshay (deceased)

Coca Freifeld (Abramovici) (b. - c.2000)

Copel Abramovici (deceased)

Cuta Abramovici (deceased)

Cécile ABRAMOVICI (deceased)

Lisa ROZEN (1864 - 1926)

Daniela Abramovici Cella (Abramovici) (1951 - 2013)

David Abramovici (deceased)

David Abramovici (b. - c.1941)

Believed to have been killed by the Nazis around 1942

David Abramovici (deceased)

David Abramovici (deceased)

David Abramovici (deceased)

davidel -abramovici (deceased)

Dina Rolling (Abramovici) (1896 - 1990)

Doris Abramovici (deceased)

Edgar Abramovici (deceased)

Efraim Abramovici (deceased)

Elias Abramovici (deceased)

Elik Abramovici (1870 - 1921)

Elka Sulimovici (Abramovici) (deceased)

Erna Stanciu (Abramovici) (deceased)

Ernestina Abramovici Manolescu (Wolfson) (deceased)

Ester Abramovici (deceased)

Esther ABRAMOVICI (Matulski) (deceased)

Etti Abramovici (Gropper) (1877 - 1961)

Fani Abramovici (Zilberman) (deceased)

Fannie Abramovici (Berer) (deceased)

Fany Abramovici (Grunberg) (deceased)

Father Abramovici (deceased)

Feiga Rantzer (Abramovici) (deceased)

Feiga Abramovici (Ciubotariu) (deceased)

Flora Abramovici (Stolper) (deceased)

Floretta (Ritta) Laffargue (Abramovici) (1926 - 2011)

Florica Rothblum (Abramovici) (deceased)

Freddy Abramovici (deceased)

Frida Abramovici (deceased)

Friedrch Abramovici (deceased)

Garson Abramovici (deceased)

Genie Abramovici (deceased)

Ghidale Abramovici (deceased)

Ghizela Abramovici (1908 - d.)

Married Leizer Iosub Marl? in Bucuresti 6/24/1958. He died 10/1/1973. Emigrated to Israel 2/4/1977.(LR 072016)

Gisela Gross (Abramovici) (deceased)

Gizela Gutman (Abramovici) (c.1902 - 1971)