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Francisco Guerrero Agcaoili MP (c.1884 - c.1979)

Francisco Guerrero Agcaoili was a Cornell-trained chemical engineer. He was the King Escort to his sister, Julia, at the 1909 Manila Carnival Queen.

Julia Guerrero Agcaoili MP (c.1865 - 1945)

Julia Guerrero Agcaoili-Martinez was the 1909 Manila Carnival Queen. Convent-bred, she excelled in playing the piano and harp and in singing. More here: .

Adriano Agcaoili (deceased)

Agustina Agcaoili (deceased)

Alfredo Agcaoili (deceased)

Anastacia Agcaoili (deceased)

Andrea Pesarilio Agcaoili (Lo) (deceased)

Andres Gapusan Agcaoili (deceased)

Angela Agcaoili-Segundo (c.1865 - d.)

Anita Rosario Agcaoili (b. - 2011)

Antomina Agcaoili (deceased)

Antonio Agcaoili (deceased)

Antonio Guerrero Agcaoili (1865 - d.)

Antonio Hierro Agcaoili (deceased)

Arcadio Agcaoili (deceased)

Auntie Agcaoili (deceased)

Benita Diaz Lacambra (Agcaoili) (1903 - 1981)

Benito Agcaoili (deceased)

Calixta Albano Agcaoili (deceased)

Candelaria A. Domingo (1906 - 1993)

Candelaria, MD Castro Agcaoili (1918 - d.)

Caridad Agcaoili (deceased)

Catalina Agcaoili (Gagara) (deceased)

Catalino Agcaoili (b. - 1995)

Celso Agcaoili (deceased)

cesar agcaoili (deceased)

cesar agcaoili (deceased)


Claro Agcaoili (deceased)

Coleta Agcaoili (deceased)

concordia agcaoili (deceased)

Consolacion Agcaoili (deceased)

Corazan Chua (Agcaoili) (1944 - 2009)

corazon agcaoili (deceased)

Damaso Agcaoili (deceased)

Daniel Agcaoili (deceased)

Daniel Ventura Agcaoili (1906 - 1982)

DANIEL VENTURA Agcaoili (deceased)

Dionicio Edralin Agcaoili (1905 - 1998)

Dolores Agcaoili (deceased)

Dolores Agcaoili (De La Cruz) (deceased)

Dolores Mayor Agcaoili (deceased)

Donata Mapugay (Agcaoili) (1903 - 1976)

ernesto agcaoili (deceased)

Esperanza Duldulao (Agcaoili) (deceased)

Estefania Agcaoili de Leon (Agcaoili) (1901 - 1978)

Eufracio Agcaoili (1909 - 1991)

Eugenia Estavillo (Agcaoili) (b. - 1996)

Eulalia Salvador (Agcaoili) (deceased)

Eusebia Felipe Quisquis (Agcaoili) (1917 - 1996)

eva agcaoili (deceased)

facunda agcaoili (deceased)

Feliza Maximo (Agcaoili) (b. - 1998)

Fermina Agcaoili (deceased)

Fidan Edralin Agcaoili (1918 - 2008)

Flabiana Agcaoili (Tayamen) (deceased)

Florencio A. Agcaoili (c.1903 - c.1968)

Florintino Roda Agcaoili (deceased)

Frederic Edralin Agcaoili (1913 - 1986)

fredolin agcaoili (deceased)

Fresca Agcaoili (deceased)

Gabina Caluya Agcaoili (deceased)

Gregoria Corpuz (Agcaoili) (deceased)

Guillerma Agcaoili (deceased)

Honorata Agcaoili Laya (Agcaoili) (1928 - 2014)

Hugo Agcaoili (deceased)

Jacoba Agcaoili (Ventura) (deceased)

Jesus Agcaoili (deceased)

Jesus Augustus Bonete Agcaoili (1950 - d.)

Jimmy Agcaoili (deceased)

JOHNNY agcaoili (deceased)

Jose Albano Agcaoili (deceased)

Jose Espiritu Agcaoili (deceased)

Josefa Agcaoili (Navarete) (deceased)

Jovita Agcaoili (deceased)

Juana Dumlao Agcaoili (Dumlao) (deceased)

Juana Valdez Agcaoili (deceased)

Juanito Agcaoili (90 - d.)

Juliana Agosar Agcaoili (Espiritu) (deceased)

Julio Ventura Agcaoili (1856 - 1938)

Julio Ventura Agcaoili was a justice and served as the Provincial Governor of Ilocos Norte. More here: .

Julio Agcaoili (1855 - c.1938)

Julio Hierro Agcaoili (1929 - 1996)

Leo Bonete Agcaoili (1934 - 1990)

Leo Agcaoili (deceased)

Lolita Agcaoili (deceased)

lucia Agcaoili (deceased)

Mansueta Bonete Agcaoili (Bonete) (1909 - 2000)

Marcelina Ramos (Agcaoili) (1902 - 2000)

Marcelina Agcaoili (deceased)

Marciano Agcaoili (1905 - 1956)

margaret agcaoili (deceased)

Maria Felipe Mapugay (Agcaoili) (1922 - 1995)

maria agcaoili (deceased)

Maria Agcaoili (deceased)

mathozalem agcaoili (deceased)

Maxima Agcaoili (deceased)

Maximo Valdez Agcaoili (deceased)

Melchor Agcaoili (b. - 1945)

Memang Edralin Agcaoili (1913 - d.)

Menena Agcaoili (deceased)