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Mathieu Isaac Agee MP (1670 - 1735)

Mathew Agee was one of the early Huguenot Settlers. He was the son of Anthony Age' of France and Judith Chastaine (daughter of John Frances Chastaine and Jane Renault) all of France. Mathew was born in...

Mathieu James Agé MP (c.1613 - 1642)

1. Aranka Schwartz (STARK) Auschwitz age 35 MP (1909 - 1944)

1. Eva Pollak (Stark) Holocaust age 18 (Dick (Stark) d.age 40) MP (1926 - c.1944)

1. Paula Dick (Stark) died age 15 MP (1900 - 1915)

1. Roza Schwarcz (died age 12) (Schwartz) MP (1873 - 1886)

12. Lajos Dick (Stark) died age 3 MP (1922 - 1925)

2. Bernat Pollak (Stark) Holocaust age 17 MP (1927 - c.1944)

2. Imre Dick (Stark) died age 23 MP (1901 - 1924)

3. Rozsa Dick (Stark) d.age 40 MP (1903 - 1943)

4. Ilona Dick (Stark) d. age 25 MP (1904 - 1929)

7. Jeremias Schwarcz ( died age 2 ) (Schwartz) MP (1882 - 1884)

70s, "Old Age" MP (deceased)

76 Old Age MP (deceased)

87, old age MP (deceased)

? ? (Taken By British at the Age of 4 from India) MP (deceased)

? ? (Taken By the British At the age of 4 from India) MP (deceased)

Alexander Age MP (1856 - d.)

Alvie Age MP (deceased)

Amelia Davis (Age) MP (deceased)

Andja Bodrozic (died age 13-14) MP (1915 - d.)


Ann UMN Age MP (deceased)

Anna Veight (Died At Age 7 month) MP (c.1922 - d.)

Anna Šepka (Age) MP (1848 - 1903)

Anna Cecelia Hardiman (Hardiman died age 18 mths)) MP (deceased)

Annie age 37 1911 MP (deceased)

Annie Killkenny (died age 12yrs) MP (deceased)

Arminda Woosley Age MP (deceased)

Arthur Moskowitz (deceased age 18 months?) MP (c.1920 - c.1922)

Axel Hilmer Age MP (1885 - 1918)

Baby Johnson (Died at 6 months of age) MP (deceased)

Bava Expired at early age MP (deceased)

Beelah/Dvorah died at age 12 in Shoah MP (deceased)

Berrisy Age MP (1838 - d.)

Betty (Elizabeth) Trentman died at age 3 MP (deceased)

Beulab Bitler (died at age 16) MP (deceased)

Birgit Maria Nauwelaertz de Agé MP (deceased)

BLUMA MAJER? EIGENMACHT (Bluma Eigenmacht Match confidence: Gender: Female Birth: Circa Austria Residence: 1940 3395 Reservoir Oval, Bronx, New York, USA Age: 46 Residence in 1935: Same House Race: White Respondent: X Citizenship status: NA Marital status: Married Husba) MP (c.1894 - d.)

Bridget McCabe age 69 1911 census DOB 1842 MP (deceased)

Cader Age MP (1813 - d.)

Calpernia Hudson Age MP (1848 - aft.1920)

Calpernia Age MP (deceased)


Carmen Talevera Bellido old age, heart issues age 88 MP (deceased)

Carrie Clayton-Price??? (age: 10 days..) MP (1928 - 1928)

Carrie Lou Fields Shine Anderson I osteoporsis/old age 91 MP (deceased)

Catherine Chappell (died at age 5) MP (deceased)

Kate Johnston (nee) Dunne MP (c.1887 - 1912)

Catherine Sancroft Holmes d. age 20 in 1862 MP (deceased)

Charlotte Boyd Age MP (deceased)

Chaya/Rivka died in Shoah at age 11 MP (deceased)

Che Jah Merican MP (deceased)

Chi-Yoo-Wi Conteskee (daughter of CONTESKEE/GA-NA-DE-SKI and TA-TA-YU; listed with son Lewis in 1870 census age 90 (Chow-e-You-Kih)) MP (1798 - 1841)

Claudine BEAURE de la MAREILLE (GAY de l'AGE du PALAND) MP (1769 - 1835)

Creve Couer-en-Age MP (c.970 - d.)

David Beebe Dec at age 22 MP (deceased)

Deceased Young age MP (deceased)

Denis 'Brown' Gallagher d. 18/12/1955 c76yrs of age MP (deceased)

Dola Tennessee Davis (Age) MP (1908 - 1989)

Dola Tennessee Davis (Age) MP (1908 - 1989)

Donna Mae Beaujean (age 6) MP (deceased)

E (?) Stratton ((age 74 in 1920)) MP (deceased)

Edward Emmett Fee (died age 2) MP (c.1897 - 1899)

Eliza Ann Age (Bell) MP (1813 - d.)

Elizabeth Age Doyel MP (1871 - c.1913)

Elizabeth Age Ferrell MP (c.1827 - d.)

Elizabeth R. "Lizzie" Age MP (1864 - d.)

Elizabeth Laws Age MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Age Lanier MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Barnett (Elizabeth age 10) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Hart (Died age 2) MP (deceased)


Emil Peter Theis (moved from Germany at age 5) MP (deceased)

Endre Feldmar (Stark) d. age c10 MP (c.1929 - 1939)

Rev Ernest Edward SAGE (S AGE) MP (1890 - d.)

Essline Smith Age MP (deceased)

Ester Age (?) MP (1824 - d.)

Father 96; old age MP (deceased)

Father Age 67 MP (deceased)

Father - deceased 2008 (age 76) MP (c.1932 - c.2008)

Felix Moses Age MP (1847 - c.1937)

Fidellia Age MP (deceased)

Fidellia Age Hance MP (1861 - 1916)

Francis M. Age MP (c.1859 - c.1923)

Frank Bagwell (died age 4) MP (deceased)

Françoise BONNEUIL de l'Age-Toinet MP (deceased)

Frederick Conklin (died age 7) MP (deceased)

Frieda Horowitz (married at age 14) MP (b. - 1889)

G. Grandfather Age Unkkown MP (deceased)

G. Grandfather Age Unknown MP (deceased)

G. Grandfather Age uknown MP (deceased)

G. Grandmother Age Unknown MP (deceased)

G. Grandmother Age Unknown MP (deceased)

G. Grandmother Age uknown MP (deceased)

G.G.A- 80 old age MP (deceased)

George Age MP (1833 - d.)

Geras - Age - (Age) MP (deceased)

In Greek mythology, Geras (Greek: Γῆρας, Gễras) was the god of old age.[1] It was considered a virtue whereby the more gēras a man acquired, the more kleos (fame) and arete (excellence and courage) he ...

Grandfather Old Age; unknown MP (deceased)

Grandfather Old Age MP (deceased)