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MATT1c Gregorio Aguon MP (1926 - 1941)

before 0800, Japanese aircraft from six fleet carriers struck the Pacific Fleet as it lay in port at Pearl Harbor, and the ensuing two attack waves wrought devastation on the Battle Line and on air and...

? Quinata (Aguon) (deceased)

Adrian Aguon (deceased)

Agustin Aguon Flores (deceased)

Amparo Aguon Topasna (deceased)

Ana Aguon (deceased)

Ana Perez Villagomez (Aguon) (deceased)

Ana Gofigan Aguon Sanchez (Aguon) (1925 - 1984)

Ana Chiguina Gofigan (Aguon) (c.1902 - d.)

Ana de Borja Paulino (Aguon) (c.1835 - d.)

Ana Paulino (Aguon) (1835 - 1920)

Andrea Perez Aguon (Santos) (1872 - 1958)

Andresina Quinata Aguon (Quinata) (deceased)

Anita Aguon (deceased)

Anna Belle Aguon (Riley) (deceased)

Antonina Aguon Aguon (Gofigan) (deceased)

Antonio Ignacio Aguon (deceased)

Antonio Rosario Aguon (deceased)

Antonio Quidachay Aguon (deceased)

Asuncion Aguon Cruz (deceased)

Atanacio Malijan Aguon (1915 - d.)

Ben Aguon (deceased)

Benita Rios Aguon (deceased)

Bernadette Enriquez (Aguon) (deceased)

Candelaria Perez Aguon (Perez) (deceased)

Candelaria Benavente (Marion) Aguon (Perez) (1913 - 1980)

Carmen Nauta Nauta (deceased)

catalina terrado (pereda) (deceased)

Catalina Aguon (deceased)


Cecilia Sablan Aguon (deceased)

Celestino Aguon (1921 - d.)

Christina Tanono Aguon (Tanona) (deceased)

Clara Aguon (DeJesus) (1946 - 2013)

Conchita Aguon Quinata Aguon (Quinata) (1921 - 1990)

Daniana Aguon (1898 - d.)

David Perez Aguon (1940 - 1984)

Delores Aguon (1830 - d.)

Delores Rivera Aguon (deceased)

Deloris Laguana (1910 - 1978)

Deloris Aguon (deceased)

Dolores Sablan Aguon (deceased)

Dolores Duenas (deceased)

Dolores Flores (Aguon) (c.1830 - d.)

Dolores Mariano (Aguon) (c.1832 - d.)

Domingo Aguon Cruz (deceased)

Elaria P Aguon (deceased)

Elvie Aguon (deceased)

Engracia Angoco (Aguon) (1906 - 1937)

Felipe Lascano Aguon (deceased)

Felix Cepeda Aguon (deceased)

FELIX DELGADO Aguon (deceased)

Francisca Benavente Aguon (Duenas) (c.1936 - 2012)

Francisco Aguon (deceased)

Francisco Mendiola Aguon (deceased)

Francisco Aguon (deceased)

Francisco Pablo Aguon (deceased)

frank aguon (deceased)

Frank Sablan Aguon (deceased)

Gabriel Aguon (deceased)

Ignacio Torres Aguon (c.1805 - d.)

Ignacio Ignacio Aguon (deceased)

Ignacio Torres Aguon (1805 - d.)

Isabel Rivera Quenga (Aguon) (1938 - 2010)

Jesse Jay Aguon (1993 - 1997)

Jesus Ignacio Aguon (1910 - 1985)

Jesus Quidichay Aguon (deceased)

Joaquina Aguon Sanchez (Aguon) (1906 - d.)

Joaquina C. Aguon (Tan Akina) (deceased)

Joaquina Malijan Isezaki Aguon (1925 - d.)

Joaquin Manglona Aguon (1916 - 1991)

Joaquin Santos Aguon (1907 - 1970)

Joaquin Santos Aguon (deceased)

John Sablan Aguon (deceased)

Jose "Chargualf" Aguon (deceased)

Jose Cruz Aguon (deceased)

Josefa Tanona Roberto (Aguon) (deceased)

Josefa Naputi (deceased)

Josefa Torres Aguon (Torres) (1820 - d.)

Salome was the daughter of Manuela de Castro and Don José de Torres. A judicial document indicates that her mother was a widow in 1857 and that Salome had two sisters: Maria and Agueda de Torres. Cham...

Josefa Unpingco Perez (Aguon) (1895 - 1978)

Jose Babauta Aguon (deceased)

Jose Aguon Aguon (deceased)

Jose Aguon (deceased)

Josepha Cabrera (Barcinas) (deceased)

Joseph Carlos Taitano Aguon (deceased)

Joseph Sablan Aguon (deceased)

Juana Juliana Aguon (deceased)

Juana Juliana Salas (Aguon) (deceased)

Juanita Taitano Aguon (Sablan) (1914 - 1980)

Juanito Quidachay Aguon (deceased)

Juan Torres Aguon (1860 - d.)

Juan Torres Aguon (1896 - d.)

Juan Aguon (Perez) (1891 - 1946)

Juan Torres Aguon (1838 - d.)

Juan Aguon Aguon (deceased)

Lagrimas Rosario Aguon (deceased)

Lorenzo Tanona Aguon (deceased)

Lorenzo L.G. Aguon (1941 - 2007)

LORETTA Anderson Aguon (1941 - d.)

Magdalena Tydingco Aguon (Tydingco) (1867 - d.)