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Dosa Gaon MP (c.935 - 1018)

Dosa ben Saʿadya Gaon Dosa ben Saʿadya was the gaon of the academy of Sura in Baghdad from 1012 until his death in 1018. He was the younger son of the great Saʿadya Gaon. In a letter written in 928, ...

Saʿadyā ben Yōsēf Gaon of Sura MP (c.882 - 942)

Saʿadyā Ben Yōsēf, saʿīd ( abī) yaʿḳūb yūsuf al-fayyūmī (269-331/882-942), Jewish theologian, philosopher and philologist who wrote in Arabic, considered through his independence and breadth as the ini...

She'erit ben Sa'adya al-Fayyūmi MP (928 - d.)

In a letter written in 928, Saʿadya mentions his older son, She'erit, but not Dosa. Presumably he was born later, probably around 935, and thus was only a boy when his father died in 942. Dosa was at l...

Joseph Al-Fayyumi MP (deceased)

Yehuda ben Sa'adya ben Abī yaʿḳūb Yūsuf al-Fayyūmi (ben Abī yaʿḳūb Yūsuf al-Fayyūmi) MP (c.930 - d.)