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al-Kabira bat Allan al-faraj HaKohen MP (b. - c.1070)

Alexander Allan MP (1727 - d.)

Alexander Allan MP (1684 - 1749)

Capt. Alexander Allan MP (1780 - 1854)

Captain Alexander Allan (March 5, 1780- March 18, 1854), was the Scottish sea captain and businessman who founded the Allan Shipping Line in 1819. Rising from shoemaker to shipping magnate in little mo...

Antoine Allan MP (1855 - 1936)

ANTOINE ALLAN (OTHERWISE ANTOINO ALLEN, OR ANTOINE ALLEN) Cowboy is the son of Thomas Allan (Otherwise Thomas Allen). In the Canadian Federal Census of 1881 he is reported to have been of ethnic Fr...

Elizabeth Allan (Dixon) MP (1781 - 1849)

Sir Hugh Montague Allan MP (1860 - 1951)

Lt.-Colonel Sir (Hugh Andrew) Montague Allan, CVO Lt.-Colonel Sir (Hugh Andrew) Montague Allan, CVO (October 13, 1860 – September 26, 1951), of Ravenscrag in Montreal's Golden Square Mile. He was the...

Sir Hugh Allan MP (1810 - 1882)

Sir Hugh Allan , KCMG (September 29, 1810 – December 9, 1882) was a Scottish-born Canadian shipping magnate, financier and capitalist. By the time of his death, the Allan Shipping Line had become the l...

Flight Sub-Lieut. Hugh Allan MP (1896 - 1917)

Educated at Eton (where he was a prefect and elected a member of 'Pop') and McGill University.[10] In 1915 he joined the The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada before transferring and beco...

James Allan MP (1826 - 1902)

Taranaki Herald 13 October 1902 MR JAMES ALLAN. The . mortal remains of Mr James Allan, an old Taranaki settler, 'were interred _in the Te Henui Cemetery on Saturday. There was a substansial gathering ...

James Allan MP (1860 - 1934)

James Allan (11 September 1860, in East Taieri, New Zealand – 2 September 1934, in Hawera, New Zealand) was a New Zealand rugby union player who played eight games for the All Blacks, the New Zealand n...

Jane Watson (Allan) MP (1830 - 1915)

Rev. John Allan MP (deceased)

John Allan, Col. MP (1747 - 1805)

John ALLAN, eldest son of William ALLAN, born in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, Jan. 3, 174+, William born about the year 1720, a Scottish gentleman, and an officer in the Br. Army, married July 9, 1774, ...

Joseph Allan MP (1828 - 1878)

Kiritapu (Kiri) Allan MP

Kiritapu Allan (born 1984/85) is a New Zealand politician and Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives for the Labour Party.

Mary Ann Allan (Quantick) MP (1828 - 1906)

The late Mrs James Allan, who passed away on Wednesday morning, was one of the. pioneer settlers of Taranaki. She arrived with her parents Mr and Mrs Jordan — and other members of the family by the 'sh...

Robert Spencer Allan MP (c.1876 - 1912)

Marriages Mar 1900 Allan Robert Spencer Toxteth Park 8b 358 Jones Georgina Emily Toxteth Park 8b 358 Name: Mr Robert Spencer Allan Age: 36 years Marital Status: Married. Las...

Susanna Allan MP (1713 - 1808)

William Allan, Major MP (1720 - 1790)

Allan MP (deceased)

Allan MP (deceased)

'Jessie' Jeanette Mary Rowley (Allan) MP (1884 - 1951)

(Elma) Nellie Maney (Allan) Sturrock MP (deceased)

(Female) Allan (O'Neill) MP (deceased)

(not known) Allan MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Allan (Massey) MP (deceased)

. Allan MP (deceased)

. Allan MP (deceased)

. Allan MP (deceased)

. Allan MP (deceased)

. . . Allan MP (deceased)

. . . Allan MP (deceased)

<Private> Jackson (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Allan (Coyne) MP (deceased)

Neice of Henry Coyne (Mary Patterson's husband)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan (?) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (1935 - 1935)

? Gordon (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Bell (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Graham (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Connell (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (b. - 1925)

? Allan MP (c.1901 - 1989)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan (Woods) MP (b. - 1838)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan (Young) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan (Mier h. wł.) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

Pułkownik Regimentu Gwardii Konnej Wielkiego Księstwa Litewskiego.

? Payne (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Makelberge (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Roberts (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Allan (?) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Grimsdale (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Pope (Allan) MP (deceased)

? Allan MP (1690 - d.)

? Allan MP (deceased)

? Elspet Allan (Grant) MP (c.1685 - d.)

? William Allan MP (c.1685 - d.)

??? Allan MP (deceased)

???? Allan MP (deceased)

[first name unknown] Allan (Stevens) MP (deceased)

[Hauka] Jaccob Allan MP (1763 - c.1798)

HR 1783-1793a Pikajärve (Langensee, Johannishof, Groß-Johannishof, Jaanimõis), Kanepi khk Saaga EAA.1267.1.286:147?1086,622,130,52,0 Abielu 1787a Saaga EAA.1267.1.42:273?1504,1145,159,97,0 Küsto Märt...

[Kõppre] Jürri Allan MP (deceased)

Isanimena tütre kihluskandes. Hingeloendus 1834:

A Sandstrom (Allan) MP (deceased)

Aaron Allan MP (deceased)

Aaron "Harun" ben 'Allan ibn Aaron (ben Aaron ibn Khalaf) MP (c.1015 - d.)

Abigail J Hersey (Allan) MP (deceased)

Abigail J Libby (Allan) MP (1893 - 1976)

Abigaile Blake (Allen) MP (1856 - 1924)

Abraham Allan MP (deceased)

Ada Amelia Allan MP (1880 - d.)

Ada Quimby Allan (McKusick) MP (1862 - 1951)

The birth and death dates may be off one year. She lived with her mother and grandparents during the Civil War and after her mother's death until her father remarried. As she and her stepmother did not...

Ada M Holmes (Allan) MP (1913 - 1970)

She was a gradua te of Shead Memorial High School at Eastport and of Washington State Teach ers College at Machias in 1932. She taught school for 34 years at Eastpor t, Orono, Perry and Rockland, befor...

Ada Victoria Roff (Allan) MP (1887 - 1963)

Ada Quimby Allan MP (deceased)

Adair Allan MP (deceased)

Adam Allan MP (1827 - d.)

Adam Allan MP (deceased)

Adam Allan MP (deceased)

Adam Oliver Allan MP (1871 - 1873)

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Adam John Allan MP (1858 - 1898)

Addie Todd (Allan) MP (1871 - 1934)

Addie Allan MP (deceased)