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Abner Alloway-Strange MP (c.1700 - d.)

Some researchers theorize that he was the father of John Alloway-Strange, whose parents are otherwise unknown, but who is thought to have been a grandson of Edmund.

Abraham Alloway-Strange MP (c.1758 - 1815)

He was a farmer. He received 393 acres in Fluvanna County, Virginia from his father on 2 February 1778, just weeks before his marriage to Mollie Moore. On 28 October 1778 he was granted 250 acres in on...

Edmund Alloway-Strange (1635 - d.)

He is thought to have been a grandfather of the John Alloway-Strange, who later appeared, also at Fluvanna County. However, there was also an Alloway family living at North Farnham Parish, Virginia, wh...

Elizabeth Alloway-Strange (Mitchell) (1756 - 1803)

N.N. Alloway-Strange (c.1660 - d.)

NN. Alloway-Strange (deceased)

William Alloway-Strange (c.1600 - d.)

He settled a 1290-acre grant in Jamestown, Virginia. From "The original lists of persons of quality; emigrants; religious exiles; political rebels; serving men sold for a term of years; apprentices; ...