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Emmanuel Gomez Almeda MP (deceased)

Emmanuel Gomez Almeda was a pharmacist by occupation, and was known for his formula for the relief of asthma. His eldest daughter Natividad was said to have assisted him in preparing this medicine, and...

Natividad Almeda-Lopez MP (1892 - 1977)

Natividad Almeda-Lopez was the first Filipino female lawyer to serve in government (Bureau of Justice), and rose to gain the highest position attained by a woman in Asia who served in government, when ...

Almeda (1840 - d.)

"Papai Ica" Almeda? (deceased)

? Almeda (deceased)

? Francisco (Almeda) (deceased)

? Almeda (Gomez) (deceased)

? Almeda (deceased)

A Almeda (deceased)

Aida Agustin (Almeda) (deceased)

Alberto Almeda, Jr (deceased)

Alfonso Almeda (deceased)

Almeda Hill (1839 - 1881)

ALVA IRMA SWEETEN (C ALMEDA) (1904 - c.1995)

Amada Almeda-Dayco (deceased)

Anacleto Almeda (1887 - 1961)

Andrea Almeda (deceased)

Andres Almeda (deceased)

Angela de Sendin De Sotomayor Y Almeda (1602 - d.)

Angeles Estevez Almeda (deceased)

Estevez Almeda eran sus apellidos

Ann Carlino Almeda (deceased)

Anthony Almeda (deceased)

Antonio Almeda (deceased)

Antonio Almeda (deceased)

Antonio Almeda (deceased)

Benjamin Almeda (deceased)

Benjamin (Itay) Almeda, Sr. (deceased)

Bernabela Rubio Almeda (1817 - 1902)

Bernardo Almeda (deceased)

Blanca Beatriz Acosta (Lozada Almeda) (c.1917 - c.1999)

Carlos De Almeda (deceased)

Catalina Almeda (Garcia) (1911 - 1988)

Catalina (Inay) Almeda (deceased)

Celenge Almeda (deceased)

Celeste Almeda (deceased)

Celin Almeda (deceased)

Celor Almeda (deceased)

Cerilia Almeda (deceased)

Cesare Almeda (deceased)

Clara de la Montanya (Almeda) (1910 - 2003)

Claro Trinidad Almeda (deceased)

References "G.R. No. 158897". Supreme Court of the Philippines. . Date accessed: 04 June 2013.

Consuelo Munoz Almeda (deceased)

Corazon Almeda (Nava) (deceased)

Cosme Muñoz Almeda (deceased)

Nono (deceased)

Divina Almeda (deceased)

Dominador Trinidad Almeda (b. - 1965)

Reference Villegas, Ramon N. "Batangas: Forged in Fire". Manila, Ayala Foundation, 2002.

Domingo Trinidad Almeda (deceased)

Reference "Philippines, Marriages, 1723-1957," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 30 December 2014), Ponciano Almeda in entry for Domingo T. Almeda and Leonila Fule, 03 May 1930; citing San Pablo Cit...

Almeda Davis (1916 - 2001)

EDWARD REYNOLDS ALMEDA, Sr. (c.1882 - 1964)


Elena Cacho Almeda (deceased)



Elizabeth Almeda (deceased)

Emmanuel Mendoza Almeda (1926 - 2004)

Dr. Emmanuel Mendoza Almeda was among the founding staff of the UP Department of Opthalmology, which he led in 1966. He also founded the Phlippine Eye and Ear Infirmary in the same year. He served as t...

Encarnacion Casas (Almeda) (deceased)

Encarnacion Gomez (Almeda) (deceased)

Enrico Almeda (deceased)

Esteban Almeda (deceased)

Esteban Almeda (deceased)

Ester Almeda-Yatco (deceased)

Ester Lerma (Almeda) (deceased)

Ester Almeda Caballero (deceased)

Eugenia Almeda (Depante) (deceased)

Felicisima Delfino Almeda (Alconaba) (deceased)

Felipe Trinidad Almeda (deceased)

"The Almedas are descended from Ponciano Almeda, originally from Pateros, Rizal. A sugar trader, he married Severina Trinidad who had sugar lands in Tanauan. Ponciano was very enterprising, establishin...

Fleury Alméda (deceased)

Florence Burger (Almeda) (deceased)

Florida Almeda (deceased)

Francisca Almeda (deceased)

Francisco Almeda (deceased)

Francisco Almeda (deceased)

Francisco Almeda (deceased)

Fuang Co Uy Almeda (deceased)

Gabriel Almeda (deceased)

Geminiano Bagayana Almeda (deceased)

Genoveva Marrero Almeda (deceased)

Girl Almeda (deceased)

Grace Almeda (deceased)

Howard James Almeda (deceased)

Irene Resurreccion (Almeda) (deceased)

Jose Almeda Gimenez (1910 - 1977)

Jose Almeda (deceased)

Jose Carlos Almeda (1813 - 1871)

Joseph Almeda (deceased)

Juan Genoveso Almeda (1917 - 2010)

Juana Odpaga Almeda (b. - 1973)

Juana Genoveso Almeda (1879 - 1973)

Julita Karamihan (Almeda) (deceased)

Justa Leviste (Almeda) (deceased)

Leon Gomez Almeda (deceased)

Leona Liquido Almeda (deceased)

Leonila "Lene" Almeda (deceased)

Leonor de Rojas Almeda (c.1901 - d.)

Leonor de Rojas Almeda (c.1901 - d.)

Lherisson ALMEDA (deceased)

Lolita Tapia (Almeda) (deceased)

Lulu A Lopez Sarabia (1927 - 11)

Marcelino Landrito Almeda (deceased)