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"Pichin" Altieri (deceased)

Adelaide Altieri (deceased)

Adelaïde Irène Altieri (1932 - 1963)

Adele ALTIERI (1922 - 2003)

Adelina Altieri (deceased)

Countess Agnesia Bulgamini (Altieri) (deceased)

Countess Agneta Altieri-Mastone (deceased)

Al Altieri (deceased)

alberto altieri (deceased)

Alberto Bianchi Altieri (deceased)

alfred altieri (deceased)

Count Altiero Altieri-Corraduccis (b. - 1410)

Amalia Altieri (deceased)

amelia victoria altieri (ramono) (deceased)

Americus Altieri (deceased)

Angela Altieri (deceased)

Archangela Altieri (1884 - 1986)

Angela Altieri (deceased)

Angelina Altieri (Vallario) (1910 - 1998)

angelina longo Altieri (deceased)

Count Angelo Altieri-Mastone (deceased)

Angelo Paluzzi Altieri, III. marchese di Rasina (deceased)

Count Angelo Altieri-Albertoni (deceased)

Count Angelo Altieri (b. - 1472)

Count Angelo Altieri-Albertoni (b. - 1556)

Anna Altieri (Catalfamo) (b. - 2006)

Anna Atieri (du Blioul) (deceased)

Countess Anna Maria Altieri (deceased)

Anna Marie LaMura (Altieri) (b. - c.1920)

Countess Anna Vittoria Colonna (Altieri) (b. - 1723)

Anthony Altieri (b. - 2006)

Anthony Altieri (deceased)

Anthony Altieri (deceased)

Antoine Erminy Altieri (1850 - 1894)

Antoine Altieri (deceased)

Antonio Altieri (deceased)

antonio altieri (deceased)

Antonio Altieri-Albertoni (deceased)

Count Antonio Altieri-Albertoni (b. - 1502)

Antonio Altieri (deceased)

Antonio Altieri, Sr. (deceased)

Marquis Antonio Altieri-Rasina (b. - 1661)

Antonio Altieri (1905 - 1985)

Count Antonio Battista Altieri-Albertoni (deceased)

Count Antonio Maria Altieri (1600 - 1665)

Argemira Gimenez Altieri (deceased)

Arturo Altieri (deceased)

Assunta Altieri (deceased)

Marquis Baldassare Altieri-Rasina (b. - 1652)

Countess Beata Lodovica Muit (Altieri-Albertoni) (b. - 1533)

beatrice Altieri (deceased)

Carl Altieri (deceased)

Carmela Montesano (Altieri) (deceased)

carmela altieri (folignoli) (deceased)

Carmela Altieri (1909 - 2000)

Carmela Altieri (deceased)

Carmine Altieri (deceased)

carolina damiano altieri (deceased)

Caterina Altieri-Rasina (Nini) (deceased)

Caterina del Bufalo (Altieri-Albertoni) (deceased)

Countess Caterina Altieri-Corraduccis (deceased)

Cecília Aniz (Altieri Ferreira) (deceased)

Chiara Altieri (1824 - 1888)

cincetta altieri (deceased)


Clarice Altieri (Bonfilioli) (deceased)

Count Clemente Altieri (1602 - 1649)

Clemente Altieri-Oriolo (1795 - 1873)

Clementina Altieri (deceased)

Concetta Contini (Altieri) (1839 - 1877)

Marriage information: same year but several days in October have seen 4th, 7th Name: Pasquale Contini Birth Date: 1838 Birthplace: Age: 20 Spouse's Name: Concetta Altieri Spouse's Birth Date: 18...

Concetta De Simone Altieri (deceased)

Concetta Contini (Altieri) (deceased)

Count Corraduccio Altieri-Mastone (deceased)

Costanza Chigi Altieri (della Rovere) (1672 - 1751)

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Count Augusto of Altieri (1797 - 1860)

Count Angelo Altieri-Albertoni (b. - 1477)

Cristina Altieri (1852 - 1930)

Cristina Altieri (deceased)

Daniel Altieri (deceased)

Countess Delia Altieri-Albertoni (deceased)

deris altieri (deceased)

Desiderio Altieri (deceased)

Dolores Altieri (deceased)

Domenica Altieri (deceased)

Domenico Altieri (deceased)

Don Paolo Paolo of Altieri-Oriola (1849 - 1901)

Donna lee Altieri (deceased)

Dorothy Altieri (deceased)

Dorothy Adele Altieri (1927 - 2003)

Edna Altieri (c.1914 - d.)

Elvira Altieri Perrotta (deceased)

Emilio Altieri-Oriolo (1819 - 1900)

Count Emilio Altieri (b. - 1579)

Emilio Carlo Altieri (1723 - 1801)

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Emilio Bonaventura Altieri (1670 - 1721)

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emilio altieri (deceased)

Pope Clement X (1590 - 1676)

Papal Genealogy: The Families And Descendants Of The Popes, By George L. Williams

Ercole Altieri (deceased)

Countess Ersilia della Porta (Altieri) (deceased)

Ersilia Altieri (Capranica) (deceased)