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Enrica Alunan-Lizares MP (c.1855 - 1942)

Enrica "Dicang" Alunan-Lizares was the hardworking grand matriarch of the Alunan-Lizares Clan. She was a successful planter and investor and her family had controlling interests in three sugar centrals...

Rafael Rivas Alunan, Sr. MP (1885 - 1947)

Rafael Rival Alunan Sr. was the Secretary of Agriculture and Commerce during the Philippine Commonwealth. He held this position until 1942.

Agata Labayen Alunan MP (1825 - 1910)

Agustin Labayen Alunan MP (deceased)

alberta alunan (gomez) MP (deceased)

amading alunan MP (deceased)

Amado Alunan MP (deceased)

Amena Alunan (Muyco) MP (deceased)

Asuncion de la Rama-Alunan MP (1886 - 1972)

Bartolome Alunan MP (c.1836 - c.1894)

Bartolome Alunan FamilySearch Family Tree Birth: 1836 - Talisay, Negros Occidental, Philippines Death: Nov 29 1894 - Talisay, Negros Occidental, Philippines Wife: Agata Presalda Alunan (born Labayen) D...

carlos alunan MP (deceased)

carmen alunan MP (deceased)

Carolle Wong Choi Fung Alunan MP (1936 - 1997)

Celsa Alunan Kilayko (Alunan - Lizares) MP (c.1887 - c.1978)

Claudio Talamar Alunan MP (deceased)

Conrado T. Alunan, Sr. MP (deceased)

Consolacion Ramos Alunan MP (deceased)

Dionisio Talamar Alunan MP (deceased)

Lolita Romero Alunan MP (deceased)

domingo go dionisio go alunan MP (deceased)

Eden Paredes-Alunan (Sarreal) MP (1918 - 2005)

Eden Paredes Alunan (Paredes) MP (deceased)

Efifania Alunan MP (1869 - d.)

Efifania Alunan MyHeritage Family Trees Birth: Jan 6 1869 Parents: Bartolome Alunan, Agata Labayen Alunan (born Labayen) Siblings: Enrica Labayen Alunan Lizares, Maria Alunan, Nicolas Alunan, Raymundo ...

Elsing Poblador (Alunan) MP (1917 - 2009)

Emilie Alunān MP (1883 - d.)

emilio alunan MP (deceased)

Enrica Alunan MP (deceased)

Enrique Alunan MP (deceased)

Fausta Alunan MP (deceased)

Felisa Alunan Jalandoni (Alunan Lizares) MP (deceased)

Flavio Alunan MP (deceased)

Flavio Alunan MP (deceased)

galahad alunan MP (deceased)

gawin alunan MP (deceased)

Graciana Gonzaga (Alunan) MP (deceased)

Guillerma Alunan MP (deceased)

Ildephonso Sr. Alunan-Coscolluela MP (deceased)

Isabel Alunan (Gamboa) MP (deceased)

Ismael Alunan MP (deceased)

ismael (maing) alunan MP (deceased)

jessie alunan MP (deceased)

Jose Alunan, Jr. MP (deceased)

jose alunan, Sr. MP (deceased)

Jose T. Alunan MP (deceased)

Jose Alunan MP (deceased)

Josefa Alunan MP (deceased)

Josefa Alunan MP (deceased)

josefa alunan MP (deceased)

Jovencio Alunan MP (deceased)

Leona Tanamal Alunan MP (deceased)

lilia alunan MP (deceased)

Lourdes Fernandez (Alunan) MP (deceased)

Ma. Victoria Villaroza Alunan (Ma. Victoria Ordenes Villaroza) MP (1959 - 2003)

Maming Ledesma (Alunan) MP (deceased)

Maria Lizares (Alunan) MP (deceased)

Maria Alunan MP (1861 - d.)

Mauricio Alunan MP (deceased)

Nicolas Alunan MP (1873 - 1881)

Nicolasa Alunan MP (deceased)

Olgert Ernst Alunān MP (1896 - d.)

Oscar Alunan MP (b. - 1947)

Pacifico Zamora Alunan MP (b. - 1995)

Patricia Alunan MP (deceased)

Paula Alunan MP (1886 - d.)

percival alunan MP (deceased)

Petronila Alunan Sta. Romana MP (deceased)

Pilar Alunan-Vidal MP (deceased)

rafael alunan MP (deceased)

Rafael Jr. de la Rama Alunan, Jr. MP (deceased)

Ramon Alunan MP (deceased)

Ramon Alunan MP (deceased)

Ramon Mas Alunan MP (deceased)

ramon, jr. alunan MP (deceased)

Raymundo "Osmundo" Labayen Alunan MP (deceased)

Ricardo E. Alunan Sr. MP (deceased)

Rosario Moreno Alunan MP (deceased)

Rosario Lizares (Alunan) MP (deceased)

Segundina Alunan MP (deceased)

Sergio de la Rama Alunan, Sr. MP (1923 - 2003)

Sergio Alunan MP (deceased)

Sergio Alunan MP (deceased)

susing Ramos alunan MP (deceased)

Unknown Alunan MP (deceased)

Valda Alunān MP (1888 - d.)

Valeska Alunān MP (1890 - d.)

Vicente Tanamal Alunan MP (1913 - 1963)

Vicente Alunan MP (deceased)

Zuzana Stasienne (Alunan) MP (1884 - d.)

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