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Cadwgan ap Owain MP (b. - 950)

See )

Cynan ap Owain Gwynedd (ab Owain Gwynedd), Brenin of Gwynedd MP (c.1130 - 1174)

See Darrell Wolcott, the Pedigree of Cynddelw Gam, for the untangling of these lines: (March 1, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator). Please see Darrell Wolcott: "Bartrum's Pedigrees of the Welsh Tribal Patr...

Dafydd ap Owain Gwynedd MP (c.1136 - 1203)

Dafydd ab Owain Gwynedd From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dafydd ab Owain Gwynedd (died 1203) was Prince of Gwynedd from 1170 to 1195. For a time he ruled jointly with his brothers Maelgwn ab...

Eadwine ap Owain MP (550 - d.)

Einion ap Owain, Prince of Deheubarth MP (c.933 - 984)

He was defeated by the allied forces of Hywel ab Ieuaf of Gwynedd and the Saxon Aelfhere of Mercia. *********** Einion ap Owain, b. ca. 933 in Dynevor, Llandfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales, d. ...

Elffin ap Owain MP (534 - d.)

Gruffudd ap Owain MP (c.1245 - 1285)

See Peter Bartrum, (March 7, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator) See Darrell Wolcott, -- "The Pedigree of Ednywain Bendew" -- for untangling of these lines. (April 19, 2016, Anne Brannen, curator)

Gwenwynwyn ap Owain, Prince of Powys MP (c.1165 - 1216)

Gwenwynwyn ab Owain Cyfeiliog (died c.1216) was the last major ruler of mid Wales before the completion of the Norman English invasion. He was a grandson of Owain Gwynedd and ruled southern Powys fro...

Hywel ap Owain MP (c.913 - 987)

Iorwerth ap Owain Brogyntyn MP (c.1175 - d.)

Courtesy of fantastically full family tree cf.: Hughes of Gwerclas 1/2/3/4:

Iorwerth ab Owain, Prince in Wales MP (c.1129 - 1175)

See Peter Bartrum, (December 24, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator) Iorwerth Drwyndwn From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Iorwerth ab Owain Gwynedd or Iorwerth Drwyndwn (1145-1174), meaning "the br...

Llewelyn Ap Owain, Lord of South Wales MP (1270 - 1309)

Maredudd ap Owain MP (c.1204 - 1265)

See Darrell Wolcott, Bartrum's "Pedigrees of the Welsh Tribal Patriarchs"' # 4 - Cadwagan Fantach, , (Steven Ferry, March 7, 2017.)

Pasgen ap Owain MP (552 - d.)

Rotpert ap Owain Gwynedd MP (deceased)

Rotpert ab Owain Gwynedd illegitimate son of Owain Gwynedd.

Seisyll ap Owain, King of the Britons MP (deceased)

Sisillius III (Welsh: Saesyllt) was a legendary king of the Britons as accounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was preceded by Oenus and succeeded by Beldgabred. He shares his name with his ancestors Sis...

Sion ap Owain Glendower MP (b. - 1500)

See Peter Bartrum, (December 28, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator)

St. Kentigern Garthwys ap Owain (Garthwys), Bishop of Strathclyde MP (528 - 612)

Saint Mungo is the commonly used name for Saint Kentigern (also known as Cantigernus (Latin) or Cyndeyrn Garthwys (Welsh)). He was the late 6th century apostle of the Brythonic Kingdom of Strathclyde i...

Cadell ap Owain Gwynedd MP (c.1124 - d.)

Cadwallon ap Owain Cyfeiliog MP (deceased)

Cadwgan ap Owain MP (1116 - d.)

Cynan ap Owain Gwynedd MP (deceased)

Dafydd ap Owain MP (1268 - 1370)

Einion Ap Owain MP (1120 - d.)

Einion Ap Owain MP (1110 - d.)

Gruffudd ap Owain, Baron of Malpas MP (1030 - 1099)


Gwithur Ap Owain MP (526 - d.)

Huw ap Owain MP (c.1405 - d.)

Please see Darrell Wolcott: "Bartrum's Pedigrees of the Welsh Tribal Patriarchs" - # 10- Iarddur ap Cynddelw, . (Steven Ferry, March 10, 2017.)

John Ap Owain MP (c.1540 - d.)

Llewelyn ap Owain, Prince of Powys MP (c.1110 - d.)

Father certain (at least as far as given name goes), mother uncertain. Believed to have been got on Nest verch Rhys, then the wife of Gerald of Windsor, while Owain ap Cadwgan had her in captivity. H...

Llewelyn "Ddu" ap Owain MP (1213 - d.)

Llewelyn Ddu ap Owain MP (1270 - d.)

See Darrell Wolcott, Bartrum's "Pedigrees of the Welsh Tribal Patriarchs", #1 - CYNDDELW ab EINION of Widigada, . (Steven Ferry, March 4, 2017.)

Maredudd Ap Owain MP (deceased)

Rhys Ap Owain MP (c.1210 - d.)