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Anarawd ap Rhodri Mawr MP (c.850 - 916)

Anarawd ap Rhodri (died c. 916) was a King of Gwynedd and referenced as "King of the Britons" in the Annales Cambriae. Anarawd's father Rhodri the Great, by conquest and alleged inheritances, had bec...

Cadell ap Rhodri Mawr, King of Seisyllwg, Dyfed and Deheubarth MP (c.850 - 910)

Cadell ap Rhodri From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cadell ap Rhodri (854–909) was the son of Rhodri Mawr ("the Great"). He inherited the kingdom of Seisyllwg from his father in 878, and passed ...

Merfyn ap Rhodri Mawr, Brenin Powys MP (c.859 - 904)

Please see Darrell Wolcott: The Men of Lleyn - How They Got There; . (Steven Ferry, June 15, 2017.) Please see Darrell Wolcott: The Legendary Kingdom of Seisyllwg; . (Steven Ferry, July 4, 2017.) M...

Rhodri Fychan ap Rhodri Mawr MP (c.866 - d.)

Tudwal Gloff ap Rhodri Mawr MP (c.863 - aft.895)

He earned his nickname, Gloff ("the lame") after being wounded in the knee at the Battle of the Conwy in 881. (January 12, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator) ********************************* Whe...

Elisedd ap Rhodri Mawr MP (deceased)

Gwriad Gwyddelig ap Rhodri Mawr MP (c.867 - 878)